Figure Out Australia Business Visa Requirements If You Wish To Establish Rewarding Business Abroad

Australia is an excellent destination for business purpose. The government is business-friendly and you will get all the needed support to run and establish a flourishing business in the country. You will have to though fulfill some Australia business visa requirements though first.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) offers numerous kinds of business and investment visas, to cater to the business and investment aspirants of all types. And, the Business Talent (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 132) is one such good option.

Business Talent (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 132)

It is basically a Australia PR Visa and helps you set up a new business or expand your existing business in the country. Some overseas entrepreneurs could be qualified for the visa.

It necessitates the candidate to have a minimum net business, personal assets and annual business turnover, or a minimum in venture capital funding. Having nomination to apply from an Australian state or territory administration bureau is also compulsory.

The visa has two classes, namely, the Significant Business History stream, and the Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream. While the former is meant for the high-calibre business proprietors or part-titleholders who wish to do business in Down Under, the latter is meant for those who have sourced the venture capital funding from an associate of the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL).


You and your family will get every major benefit of the Australian Permanent Residence (PR).

  1. Do a job and reside in Down Under indefinitely.
  2. Get the chance to study in the country.
  3. Register for Medicare the nation’s wonderful state-run healthcare scheme.
  4. Chance to submit an application for Australian citizenship.
  5. Offer sponsorship to family members for PR.
  6. Move in and out of the Kangaroo Land as per your needs.

Australia Business Talent (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 132) Requirements

You could obtain the visa in case as mentioned before you have nomination from an Australian state or territory government agency, and have an invitation to apply from the minister.

You must also either:

  1. Have net business and personal assets of not less than 1.5 million Australian Dollars and an yearly business turnover of a minimum of 3 million Australian Dollars, in case you wish to apply for the visa in the Significant Business History Category, or
  2. Have received not less than 1 million Australian Dollars, in venture capital funding, to begin the commercialization and growth of a high-value business concept in the nation, in case you wish to submit an application for the visa in the Venture Capital Entrepreneur Category.

Other Australia Business Visa Requirements

  1. You must boast of rather fruitful business career.
  2. For not less than 2 of the last 4 financial years directly before the petition is submitted, you had an proprietorship interest in a primary business, or primary businesses (2), with an yearly turnover of not less than 3 million Australian Dollars (per annum).
  3. For a minimum of 2 out of the previous 4 financial years directly before the petition is presented, you (or you and your partner combined) have net assets in a qualifying business (in which you held a proprietorship interest) of a minimum of 400,000 Australian Dollars.
  4. Your business and personal assets (comprising your partner) have a net value of not less than 1.5 million Australian Dollars which are obtainable for the running or establishment of a firm/venture in Down Under and are legally acquired and accessible for transfer to Oz inside 2 years of the grant of your visa.
  5. Your age is less than 55 at time of submitting your petition, or you are proposing to set-up or take part in a firm/venture that your sponsoring Australian State/Territory has decided is of extraordinary economic value to the State/Territory.
  6. You have a real and true pledge to set-up or take part actively in a qualifying business in Oz, and to continue and hold a significant proprietorship level.
  7. You and your partner have a clean record and do not have any sort of intolerable involvement in business or investment actions in the Kangaroo Land.

Fulfill these Australia Business Visa Requirements, if you want to move with the Business Talent (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 132). Speak to a good visa agent to make the application process better and faster.

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