Australia Celebrates 25 Glorious Yrs of Assisting Helpless Women

More than 14,500 women have begun a fresh life in Australia since an extraordinary Women at Risk Scheme was started way back in 1989 by Canberra, to present them an opportunity to improve their lives. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the program, some persons have elucidated how shifting to Down Under literally saved them from distressing circumstances, comprising death.

One beneficiary from Somalia reportedly stated she was protecting her kids with the reason being she did not want them to take up a gun. She wanted to present them a superior life. She added that her kids presently have a future; they are not just safe, but they also have a future for several generations. She further said that Down Under welcomed them, assisted them, and offered them citizenship even as at the present she was rather proud to make a contribution back.

She elucidated that to arrive from civil war to stay in harmony and be proffered equal opportunity in everything was a gift that cannot be described in simple words. Reportedly, she resided in a refuge camp of the international world body, the United Nations (UN), in Kenya for as many as 15 years.

Echoing somewhat similar feelings, another beneficiary stated that she landed in the immigration hotspot from Iraq along with her brother. She added that Australia was a nation of opportunities, of fresh hopes. She maintained that she loved the country and had fulfilled her dreams. She further said that whenever she travelled away from Australia, she felt homesick. She continued that Sydney was her home.

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