Australia Wants Qualified Electrical Engineers ANZSCO 233311

For countless migrants around the world, there are numerous reasons to move to Australia, with better quality of life, excellent pay packages, and friendly environment being the major ones. The nation’s society and economy has progressed tremendously in the recent years, and thus it has emerged as a top choice for skilled migrants looking for superior possibilities in life.

Additionally, owing to the dearth of the skilled specialists in their own country, the Australian Government has launched various easy to follow immigration programmes, to ease the influx of talented professionals, who can contribute to the rapidly growing economy and development.

This is highly true for the skilled Electrical Engineers who are in great demand every year as per the annually released ‘Skilled Occupations List’ (SOL) by the government of Australia. For the period 2017-18, the profession is mentioned in the Combined List of Qualified Skilled Occupations.

If you share the same skill and profession and want to grow your career in a foreign environment, it cannot get any better than this! You can make the most of the Electrical Engineer—2333111 occupation opportunity, and plan your immigration for a better life and future in the land down under.

Who is an Electrical Engineer? Well, he is basically a professional who is responsible for developing, making, setting-up, and maintaining machinery, equipment, electrical parts and the different systems utilized in the various industries.

Australia Immigration Key Tasks

In case you plan to make a skilled migration with the Electrical Engineer—233311 profile, you will have to undertake the below-mentioned job responsibilities –

  1. Come up with various kinds of electrical and electronic goods, such as, for instance, electric motors, components, paraphernalia, and appliances utilized in different industries and households.
  2. Regulate the different types and arrangements of circuits, circuit-breakers, transformers, transmission lines, and additional apparatuses.
  3. Organize and manage resources employed in the supply of mainstream electrical components, machinery, appliances and paraphernalia.
  4. Administer the running and maintenance of power stations, transmission and distribution structures and industrial plants and courses.
  5. Tailor and set-up control and signaling equipment for the road, rail and air traffic arrangements.

Australia Immigration Key Requirements

In most cases, your online profile will be judged on the following parameters –

  1. Age Limit (Between 19 to 45 years)
  2. Minimum Bachelor’s Degree
  3. Skill Level 1
  4. Language Proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL)

Once you meet these above-mentioned requirements, you will be required to obtain a license or complete a registration before you start working as a skilled Electrical Engineer in the Kangaroo Land. Not only will you get to live in a developed society with an excellent education, healthcare, retirement and technological benefits but will also earn a handsome amount of 123, 233 Australian Dollars for male migrants and 104, 929 Australian Dollars for female migrants every year.

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