Australia Eyeing on More Indian Tourists Despite Recent Attacks!

Martin Ferguson, Australian Tourism Minister, in his recent interview with IANS, said that Indian economy is applauded as the tenth biggest economy of the world. In addition, the nation is facing tremendous growth period, an aspect that would surely generate opportunities for masses who are interested in the “tourism” aspect!

Despite the recent spate of the racial attacks, Oz is intending to have more Indian tourists, captivating on the 11.9 percent jump in the inflow of visitors last year. The minister said that despite the recession, Australia got a good inflow of visitors last year. According to the statistics, 120,500 Indian tourists came to Australia last year. The stats point out an increase of 11.9% as compared to 2007-08.

The Minister said that Aussie as a country is gradually becoming as an applauded and prospective travel destination as compared to other places like Britain and North America. The main reason as to why Aussie is emerging as a major attraction is because it offers a wide range of adventure activities, he further added

Ferguson said that people of all genres come to Australia. Some spend a fortnight here, stay in luxury hotels, visit some destinations like Sydney and look for adventurous activities! Also, in attempt to lure other Indian tourists, Australia would be coming out with various attractive campaigns with airlines companies, in order to provide competitive travel packages.

Also, keeping in mind the popularity of Internet, the Tourism Australia website is getting all ready to serve its global target audience in the best way possible, the Minister later said.

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