Australia Immigrant Investor Visa – Key Options & Benefits

Australia Immigrant Investor Visa

Oz has opened its doors wide open for the foreign investors. In terms of opportunities, it is perhaps the best place in the world. It is also a known fact that the country has the most transparent immigration system in the world run by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)–the governing immigration body of the country.

Australia Immigrant Investor Visa
Australia Immigrant Investor Visa

Luckily, investors and business people find it much easier to immigrate to Down Under, all thanks to the number of the visa options and the easy processing system by the DIBP. The department has introduced several easy-to-follow visa options to give rewarding opportunities to the foreign business professionals to expand their business, and/or multiply their capital with the help of the local resources.

Australia Immigrant Investor Visa intends to welcome the foreign investors who are keen to start or invest in the country and side by side contribute towards its economic growth and improve opportunities for the Australian permanent residents or citizens.

Apart from the many investment benefits the candidates enjoy numerous social and economic benefits as well, such as long term stay in the country, liberty to sponsor family, apply for Permanent Residency (PR), support of local government, easy access to local resources, and access to the educational and medical benefits.

Australia Immigrant Investor Visa Options

Just in case if you are keen to make an investment in the country, then following are the popular options to choose from:

  1. Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) – Subclass 188: It is initially issued for a period of four years, which can be further extended to two more years. However, if you are too keen to permanently settle here, you can apply for the PR Visa. To apply, the candidates must be nominated either by a state or territory government and thereafter they must be invited to apply using the SkillSelect. To qualify, one must meet the passing benchmark of 65 marks. The focus of the DIBP is to pick the applicants below 55 years of age so that the country’s economy gets maximum benefits.
  2. Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) – Subclass 888: It is the second stage of the 188. But the Subclass 888 is a permanent category. To qualify, the foreign investors must meet one of the following conditions. They must have a legally acquired personal net worth of 600,000 Australian Dollars and be committed to maintain continuous business interest in the country. They must also be able to create opportunities for the permanent residents or citizens. The candidates must have also managed to make an investment in the qualifying business for a continuous period of at least four years.

Benefits of Australia Immigrant Investor Visa

Once you have acquired the country’s PR Visa as an investor you can immediately apply for the Australian passport which ensures you a visa free travel to approximately 160 countries, which includes countries like UK, US, Italy, Germany, France, etc. As a citizen you will also be entitled to choose the government which means you have a right to vote and also get selected.

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