Australia Immigration Beckons Trained Foreign Mining Engineers

As per some reports, at the present, the nation is battling acute shortage of Mining Engineers. The ‘official’ requirement for these professionals in the country is mentioned under the ANZSCO 233611. Given this, those who are qualified and motivated with Australia immigration, ought to immigrate to the nation using their skills.

An aspiring engineer aspirant–who wishes to make his career in the beautiful land of the beaches and heart-capturing scenes, called Australia–are advised to use the popular General Skilled Migrant (GSM) program route. The starting salary offered to a new graduate from the field, in Oz, is about Aus $ 100,000. Along with this handsome salary, the candidate can earn more, if he meets certain requirements for the immigration under the said category.

Trained Mining Engineers, interested in Australia immigration, need to pass the immigration points test. This is the most important requirement for entry to the Kangaroo Land. Before submitting the application for immigration, the applicant has to clear the skill determination test and the English language test.

These professionals plan and direct the location which can be utilized for extracting valuable minerals hidden under the surface of the earth. The whole process might harm the environment, and so a prior license of mining has to be obtained. A valid license is issued to meet the purpose of extracting minerals.

Work Profile & Duties

This highly professional job calls for great responsibility as it involves different surveys of numerous expensive minerals. The professional has to determine the available resources, possibility of extracting the available minerals, and also to develop and design the whole extraction process. He has to keep a complete record of the ongoing process and at the same time, keep a check on the effects of production and cost on the budget.

Apart from this, the expert has to determine the many appropriate ways of extraction while keeping certain important factors in mind, like the depth and surrounding areas. His foremost duty lies in the preparation of tunnels, and locating the site for mining. Along with all these duties, he has to look after the safety of the labor and manage the various methods of extraction and processing.

An aspiring migrant who wishes to make his career in mining in Australia has to apply through nation’s widely used General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program. The purpose of the scheme is to pull talented persons from overseas.

Qualifications Required

Qualified Mining Engineers–keen to work in Australia–should posses a degree in mining as a mineral engineer or a mineral surveyor. Civil Engineer or a Geology degree–both stands eligible for grabbing the job of Mining Engineer in the resourceful land. An equivalent course to mining degree and a specialized post graduate qualification can also open the gateway to amazing Australia for these professionals. The degree possessed by the candidate should be from the recognized university.

Australia–being a major mining country–expects the migrant to have four years of undergraduate degree matched with the relevant experience. Mining engineer is judged for his team work and his capability of motivating and managing his workforce. He should posses the problem-solving skills matched with excellent knowledge of IT and relevant software.

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