Hire Right Australia Immigration Consultant, Get Business Innovation and Investment (Residence) (Sub-class 888) Visa Without Difficulties!

Investors and business individuals have a lot of things going in the head, they are always concerned about the Return on Investment (ROI), possibilities and opportunities. In the first place, as a business centric individual, one would always like to have a good view at the demand, demography and dividend. Now, this pursuit is altogether challenging and one cannot tell straightway whether or not an investment will be profitable.

As an immigrant, if one is looking forward to investment and through that they want a gateway to any country, the first and foremost thing to watch out for is profitability in the investment.

With respect to Australia, the possibility of getting a good return is astoundingly higher. Infrastructure, real-estate, stocks and other sections are truly vibrant investment havens, and innovation and investment can be best practiced there. But one must also know about business innovation and investment (residence) (sub-class 888) visa in the first place for the movement.

Australia Immigration Business innovation and investment (Residence) (Sub-class 888) Visa

It is an upgraded version of 188 visas. The visa has been divided into two streams, and based on the requirements and the demands an individual can file for acceptance.

Business Innovation Stream

It is one form of investment styled immigration. Under the business innovation stream, as an immigrant one has to be able to meet with certain specific requirements. Once these requirements are fulfilled, the individual can use this visa for streamlining the movement.

Take a look at the requirements.

  • The individual, who is applying for the Sub class 888, should be in Australia for at least 1 to 2 years in a row. The criterion is simple as 188 grants the business individuals to come to Down Under and stay for a specific period. Once the purpose gets fulfilled, they can look forward to the next level and seek for something more vibrant and promising like the sub class 888.
  • The applicant must also show proofs of ownership evidences in the country. The individual must be duly engaged at running an enterprise or investment in the government bonds, for using the movement.
  • The business must meet with the average turnover of AU$ 3, 00,000 for the last 12 months.
  • The net asset in the business must also be not less than AU$ 2, 00,000.

These specific criteria are must to get the visa upgraded to 888 sub class.

Investor Stream

It is another category under which one can get their visa upgraded to Sub class 888 from 188. But the individual must have invested in the Australian government bonds for 4 years to make sure that the stream works for the better.

If one is looking forward to get their 188 visa upgraded to 888 under the investor stream, they must meet with the following requirements.

For those individuals who are wishing to upgrade their 188 visa to 888 sub class, they must have lived in the Australian soil for at least 2 years. If the individual has been in the country for years, there will be greater possibility of ensuring a chance for the up-gradation.

The individual must have been an active investor in the Australian government bonds for at least 4 years. The amount which must have been should amount to AU$ 1.5 million. Once these criteria are fulfilled, the immigrants can get a noteworthy chance to make the immigration permanent in nature.

But when one is looking forward to immigration or upgrading their already visa-in-use, one thing which can never be overlooked is complexities. So, even though if one is in Australia under the 188 sub class visa and such individual wants to get the visa upgraded to 888 sub class, the journey wouldn’t be a cake walk.

Hence, to make sure that the complexities are handled in the best sense, one must make sure that they have hired the best immigration attorney. An attorney with the best skill-set and experience can definitely help meet with all the challenges and emerge victorious out of them.

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