Australia Immigration Keen in Giving Opportunities to Industrial Engineers for Utilizing their Services

Since the early 50s, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), earlier DIAC, has been providing multiple opportunities to innumerable immigrants to immigrate to Australia. It is estimated that around 25%, or one-fourth, of the total Australian population consists of foreign nationals.

The ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia, has always loved and respected skilled professionals who are efficient enough to contribute towards the country’s national economy, via providing their professional services. Some of the trained experts, like Industrial Engineers; for example, are given a warm welcome in the country, and offered the prized permanent residence status. They are also offered ample opportunities to show their skills and professionally do well in the country.

Are you a skilled Industrial Engineer and eager to enhance your professional skills in a foreign country? If YES, you will be glad to learn that ‘Down Under’, Australia, is just the perfect choice for you. Some of the Australian states ke Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania are presently interested in using the professional services of the qualified Industrial Engineers like you.

The good news is when, as a Industrial Engineer you process your immigration application for the ‘beautiful country of beaches’, Australia, the concerned immigration authorities will not only fast process your application but will also assist you with multiple opportunities as the many Australian companies are eager to hire the services of the professionals like you.

Industrial Engineer ANZSCO Code 233511 Work profile

These specialists inspect, study, and appraise the utilization of facilities, employees, tools, machinery and objects, on-going operational processes. They also establish practices, and advise improvements in the effectiveness of the working processes in the industrial, commercial, and production atmosphere.

Skill Occupation Lists

The in-demand occupation is mentioned on the following skill lists:

  • Labour Market Testing Required for 457 List
  • Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List
  • Skilled Occupations List
  • RSMS Occupations List

Qualifications Required

In order to join the flourishing engineering sector in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia, as an Industrial Engineer, you are required to meet the set level of skill which is equal to a Bachelor Degree from the recognized university or institute. It is advisable to complete a higher qualification for superior posts.

On some particular occasions, you need to have both germane experience and/or on-the-job training, on and above the recognized qualifications. Industrial Engineers may also require registering or obtaining a license in the country. However it is advisable to check with the concerned state/province authorized authority.

Key Responsibilities

Industrial Engineers are required to undertake following responsibilities:

  • Review organizational charts, functional statements, and assess mission particulars in order to decide the functions and duties of workers and recognize the different regions of duplication.
  • Set up work measurement schemes and evaluate samples of the work to develop different standards for labor use.
  • Investigate facility layout, operational statistics, and workforce use and production agenda and decide the expenses of the workers’ and equipments’ efficiency.
  • Design and develop machines, mechanical equipments, goods for manufacture, parts & systems for construction.
  • Develop requirements for manufacturing and investigate materials, tools, the flow of materials, piping, capability, and also the layout of plant and systems.
  • Systematize and administer venture workers and the timely delivery of objects, plants and tools.
  • As per engineering standards and safety rules, design and develop strategies for modification, installation, quality check, testing, examination and maintenance.
  • Study and examine plant to check that quality performance is delivered.

Job Prospects

To avail the services of Industrial Engineers, Australia provides immense Immigration Opportunities. The job prospects of these professionals are extremely bright. The time is more than perfect for these experts to process their application for immigration. Many trade analysts assure you safe and progressive future. As a skilled Industrial Engineer, you can easily earn a handsome salary in the country. It is expected that the demand for the qualified professionals like you will further increase in the future across Oz.

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