Australia Immigration Visa Subclass 475

Those skilled workers, who are not able to satisfy the requirements of Skilled Independent Visa directly, for Australia, can make possible to access the Australian territory by getting Australian Immigration Visa Subclass 475, also talked as 3-year provisional visa.  If you possess the qualification that able to meet Australian standards and good occupational skills, you are certainly the most eligible candidate for the mentioned category.

Besides, the special Category Visa holders (especially New Zealand Citizen) are also eligible to enjoy the great privileges of Australia Immigration Visa Subclass 475. When it comes to benefits of Subclass 475, it is available in myriad and allows visa holders to go through various opportunities that can accelerate their personal growth and provides a desired opportunity to improve family income.

Some important benefits of Visa Subclass 475 have been mentioned in points, going through one by one  – will be easier to understand.

  1. The Visa Subclass 475 allows you to reside and work in a Specified Regional Area in the country for three years.
  2. The applicant’s dependent also gets right to live and work, but only in Specified Region in the country.
  3. The Visa Subclass 475 provides a wonderful chance to get a Permanent Residence in the country.

Along with the application, the Visa Application Fee will be paid by the applicants – who must either be nominated by territory government agency or by a participating state. Points test has been made selection criteria for this visa – an applicant’s selection is entirely based on the said criteria.

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