Australia Immigration–What Makes It So Hot?

Melbourne declared the most liveable city in the world for the record sixth time, Australia one of the few nations to survive economic recession, Oz witnesses an increase in the number of visitors, Australia one of the most open minded & liberal societies in the world…these are just a few of the catchy headlines that have grabbed the attention of the world, of late.

Australia Immigration indeed is the in thing and the nation just rocks despite the emergence of several global immigration hotspots such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, the charm of Oz continues to mesmerize the whole world.

No wonder–as suggested by one of the headlines given above–the number of travelers to Down Under continues to be on the rise and keeping the hands of the Australia immigration organization, i.e., the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) full.

What continues to fuel the interest of the global community in the Kangaroo Land? Why Oz continues to steal a march over its several rivals, such as the UK, Canada, the US, France, etc? How the DIBP continues to invent and improvise new and brave immigration and visa related ideas to cast a spell on the world migrants?

Here, for want of space and time, we will answer only the first question.

Highly Developed Global Economy

Oz is one of the leading global economic powerhouses. Its economy enjoys a very high position in the list of the global economies. Almost all top MNCs have a very good presence in Down Under, and the nation manufactures nearly everything under the sun–from computers to electronic goods to medicines–and exports these to the whole world. As per the available information, Oz is the 19th biggest exporter in the world.

The strength of the Australian economy could be gauzed from the fact that when the entire world trembled due to the onslaught of the recession, Australia stood rock solid and helped the world recover from the situation, and churned out a large number of well-paying job opportunities for the unemployed skilled labor from across the globe.

Migrant Friendly Immigration & Visa Policies

Down Under boasts of one of the most migrant friendly visa and immigration laws in the world, and the DIBP is one of the most organized and efficient immigration organizations to be seen anywhere. Nearly every visa rule and policy introduced and run by Canberra is framed keeping the interests of the specific needs of the global migrants.

Exotic Australia

The nation is somewhat distant and cut off from the rest of the world, and this makes it pretty exotic. Vast areas of the nation are remote and uninhabited inundated under dense shrubs and jungles. This raises the interest of those who are footloose and adventurous. The nation’s stunningly beautiful sea beaches, amazing wildlife reserves, adventure sports centres, river rafting and mountaineering facilities, etc., enchant the young and the bold even as they get drawn to the country like a honey bee to a flower.

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