Australia Investor Visa Program and Requirement

Australia is a mirror of rising job and investment opportunities – those who immigrated to the country experience the same – as they easily find the best opportunity for themselves. Undeniably, the country is a life changing place for job seekers for offering plethora of options in various sectors and also having a huge demand of workers in its labor market.

Nonetheless, it is considered to be the best option for business and investment opportunity for having adequate business resources and most importantly business friendly environment. Australia has a special investor visa program, widely popular as subclass 165, to welcome overseas entrepreneurs. The said Visa program comes into two types – Investor Visa Subclass 162 and subclass 165 state sponsored visa).

Both visa types are recognized in the form of provisional visa and issued for a maximum validity of 4 years. Obtaining an Australian Investor visa can be experienced as stringent, so you need to be fully prepared from your side by getting visa information in detail.

Australian subclass 165 witnessed a huge demand among overseas business, so it can be taken as the most appropriate option from your side. Getting the subclass 165 visa, the intending applicants must be capable of satisfying the following requirements.

  1. Age – under 55 years old
  2. Health and character certificate
  3. Net worth AU$1,125,000, must be in the form of combined asset
  4. Must be financially sound to survive in the country
  5. Must be able to produce total investment amount of AU$750,000
  6. Must possess 3 years of experience either as a business owner or a managerial role in any company
  7. Must have a clear purpose of visit
  8. Must have a successful business record
  9. Must be free from any illegal business activity
  10. Must be able to fulfill the commitment of maintaining ownership interest in a qualifying venture in the nation
  11. Must be able to perform a great business role

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