Australia PR Immigration Visa—Learn How To Get It!

Dreams are on the verge of materializing itself into reality as Australia is all set to welcome the new bunch of people to its soils and help the economy write its growth story. This year, Australian has turned dynamic towards granting PR immigration visa to enthusiasts who are looking forward to the nation. So, the possibilities of making Australia your permanent abode has multiplied quite a few times with such a step from the Aussie administration.

Now, you might be an amateur or someone who is not well versed with this immigration language. If you are looking for avenues where you can get all your queries answered in the best way, you have fortunately landed at the right corner. In this piece, you would get to grab everything about Australia PR immigration visa and how you can grab it in your hand this year.

Opportunities are rife for skilled workers even as there are many sectors in the nation that needs immediate attention. As the availability of trained labor back there is limited, the ANZSCO has decided that new realms should be opened for skilled workers, and for meeting with that they have introduced the Australia PR immigration visa.

The process of getting PR is pretty complex and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, it is always better to avail immigration consultants that can help streamline everything from the scratch, and help you get the PR status instantly.

Now-a-days immigration attorneys are not hard to find. However, if you want the best ones in the business, you must have to put up a bold show. You must have the right acumen to distinguish between the fake and original immigration attorneys. If you are going for attorneys, then always seek for their certification and registration details. And, if that is not sufficient to satisfy you, then talk to those who have taken their service. This will always put you on an edge while making a choice.

There are some criteria that are supposed to be met for facilitating the Australia PR visa. Take a quick look at few of them!

  1. If you wish to move to Australia, then you should be between 18-50 years of age. Generally, the movement is assessed through a point based test. So, in that such person with low age will be given more points as compared to person with high age.
  2. There is also requirement for language proficiency. Qualifying the IELTS or International English Language Testing System is mandated. You must score on an average 6.5 in ILETS for streamlining the movement.
  3. There is a Skilled Occupation List (SOL) that every state in Oz follows and for granting the PR visa they follow that. So, in case you want to grab the PR Visa, then you must be able to fulfill the requirement of the SOL.
  4. You will have to express the desire of moving to Australia through an Expression of Interest (EoI) for simplifying the process.

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