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SKillSelect has proven to be a successful medium of opening up Australian immigration to aspiring people who have been waiting for all these years. It has been like a wish come true for many qualified people and they have been trying to get correct inputs on various aspects and routes of Aussie migration set up. There are several passages and options available for aspiring migrants in temporary and permanent residential permits in skills and business migration. Out of both alternatives available for the aspiring people permanent route has been more popular among the migration enthusiasts. Even we have been registering numerous Australia PR Questions since July 2012.

The permanent residential permit is available through skills and business migration and people can choose any of these depending on the relevance of their profiles. The skills migration route has been linked to the required trade’s tabulations in SOL and CSOL versions and all the EOIs or applications must be carry a valid trade code reference from either of the trade tabulations. In the skills migration alternative you can choose to place your request in


  • The federal skilled scheme section 190 visa – This happens to be the most popular route and also the most competitive option. If we really try to assess the relevance of the SkillSelect, the whole concept of the new platform revolves around this section. People filing for this classification must duly complete all the formalities connected with the initialization process i.e. getting skills evaluation assessment advice from the designated Aussie evaluation body. Once selected for the final stage the application for Australia PR takes upto 12 months
  • Provincial nomination section 190 visa – This has turned out to be next hot favorite among the skilled immigrants and over 10000 people have already been granted permanent residential permits under this scheme. The processing of the final stage request takes up a minimum of 6 months
  • Employer sponsorship class 186 ENS is a direct employment route and an aspiring migrant can get permanent residential permission in between 5 months to 8 months depending on risk factor involved
  • Regional employer scheme 187 RSMS is another direct employment route. This alternative has been incorporated to assist regional employment concerns. Aspiring migrants get a permanent residential status on grant of this visa

Selection process of Section 189 and 190 depends on the outcomes of a specially designed profile evaluation analysis and it is important for the migrants to score a minimum of 60 marks. The profiles crossing the minimum threshold mark are ranked on the basis of the marks attained in the analysis in each individual trade pool. The marks are allocated for each individual profile trait that includes academic qualifications, age, employment history, linguistic skills in English and adaptability aspects etc.

To score some marks in academic qualifications parameter you must get a positive advice from a designated Australian assessment agency. This advice must preferably be obtained before filing your EOI. Similarly writing an IELTS exam in prelim process is also important and you must attain desired bands to get marks. One of the most encountered Questions in Australia immigration is about the relevance of getting the academic qualifications evaluate before creation of EOI. People often send this query across to me. I personally stress on need to complete this process in case of visa class that rely on SKillSelect because in case you are shortlisted, you would get only 2 months to revert and getting an evaluation report within 2 months is impossible.

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