Australia PR visa from India in 2023

Australia PR visa from India in 2023

Australia has always been among the most loved and sought-after immigration destinations for skilled Indian workers and students. Every year, thousands of Indians apply for Australia PR visa for better job opportunities, superior quality lifestyles, higher wages, and world-class education. Australian immigration is an excellent choice for skilled professionals whose occupations are in demand in Australia. Moreover, their work experience and education align with Australia’s labor force needs.

To migrate to Australia, it is essential to understand how the PR visa process works for immigration hopefuls. As an aspirant, you must first determine your eligibility for the general skilled migration and gather all documents necessary for the PR visa process. First, it is critical to determine your occupation on the Skilled Occupation List before initiating the process. The minimum Australian PR visa point is 65; the more points, the higher the chances of being invited to apply for the visa.

The Australian PR points calculator helps you determine your score in just a few minutes. 

Types of Australia PR visas for Indians 

When applying for permanent residency in Australia, you can choose one of the following immigration streams:

Skilled Independent Visa – Sub Class 189

The subclass 189 visa allows you to live and work in Australia with no sponsorship or a job offer. It offers a direct pathway to permanent residency, meaning you are a PR visa holder when you land in Australia. Skilled applicants are invited based on their points and the demand of their occupation. The minimum point threshold for the subclass 189 visa is 65.

Skilled Nominated Visa – Sub Class 190

The subclass 190 visa requires an applicant to receive a state or territory government nomination. The stream leads to a permanent residency visa in Australia. Just like subclass 190, the minimum Australia point system threshold is for this visa is 65.

 Unlike Subclass 189, this visa needs nomination by a state or territory with which you can obtain permanent residency to live and work in Australia. The minimum point is 65 and the chances increase with the increase in score. Attaining a nomination under Subclass 190 can help you claim five additional points.

Regional/ Territory Nominated Visa – Sub Class 491

With the subclass 491 visa, skilled migrants can live and work in Australia for a period of 5 years. This visa leads to permanent residency and can be applied after 4 years of stay in Australia.

Understanding Australia’s points-based system

Immigration applicants can claim points based on the years they have worked in a specific occupation- inside or outside Australia.

Work Experience Duration Points Awarded
≤3 years 0
3-5 years 5
5-7 years 10
≥8 years 15

Work experience Inside Australia

Work Experience Duration Points Awarded
≤1 year 0
1-3 years 5
3-5 years 10
5-8 years 15
≥8 years 20

Education Level

Qualification Points Awarded
Qualification recognized by the relevant assessing authority 10
Diploma in Trade qualification 10
Bachelor’s degree 15
Ph.D. 20

English language skills

English level Points Awarded
Competent English 0
Proficient English 10
Superior English 20


You must be below 45 years to apply for an Australia PR visa:

Age Points Awarded
18-25 years 25
25-33 years 30
33-40 years 25
40-45 years 15

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