Australia PR Visa–How To Get It?

Do you like the realms of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef, the flora and fauna so vibrant and pleasing to the eye-sight? If you answer in an affirmative, you might want to look at these places.

Oz has a good record to attract the tourists. At the same time, it has also been phenomenon at giving the immigrants good opportunity to thrive and get better across different fields. The economy has been transforming itself rapidly, and it has called for skilled workers to end up there and help the economy meet with its pursuits.

Australia PR Visa--How To Get It?

The Australia PR Visa is one of the baits which have attracted the immigrants to come and end up in the nation. The PR Visa is granted to those individuals who have contributed to the national cause and they are bringing considerable benefit to the economy across its social and economic periphery.

These benefits have been extremely important to ensure the expansion of the economy without trouble. And at the same time, the expansionary pursuits have also given the chances to the immigrants to claim PR Visa for Australia.

Visas to be used for Immigration to Australia, Probabilities of Getting PR through the Visa

Subclass 188

The Business Innovation and Investment Provisional Visa

The four year business innovation visa grants opportunity to the individuals who are blessed with business acumen to startup an enterprise in Australia and innovate in every possible manner. The entrepreneurs can live in the overseas hotspot for a period of 4 years, and upon completion of the term they are granted the Permanent Residency (PR).

But there are certain specific dynamics about the visa which ought to be followed and based on them it operates. The visa can only be sponsored by the state or territory and the individuals can move to the country only when invited.

But those who are applying for this visa are required to meet with certain specific requirements and based on them only the processing of the Sub Class 188 takes place.

  1. Mandatory to have a state or territorial nomination.
  2. The invitation should only materialize under the skilled classification.
  3. The minimum age is 55 years to apply for the visa. However, if the individual is anticipated to bring unprecedented social and economic benefits to the country, then someone below the specified age level will also be considered.
  4. The pass marks under the business and innovation scheme is 65 and it is crucial that the individual has secured the pass percentage to be rendered eligible to apply for the immigration.
  5. The person should have a net-worth of 8, 00,000Australian dollars and the turnover of the business in the last 4 financial years should be not less than 5, 00,000 Australian dollars.
  6. The investor should also have managed a business in the past and he should be ready to manage the business which he owns himself or a business which is owned by the state or the territory.

Subclass 188 for PR

It is generally granted for a period of 4 years in a row, thereby, it satiates the basic requirement of the PR which is 2 years. Simultaneously, upon the completion of the 4 year term, the immigrant can easily file for the PR to Australia.

Since this visa is given to investors only, it is termed as best Visa for Australia for PR. The individuals, who have got the PR Visa, also get benefit to live in the nation for any number of years, followed by the advantage to leave and enter it for any number of times during the period.

So, on an overall, the scenario stands perfect to make things work in the best way for you.

How to get the PR Visa?

The route to the PR visa to Australia is tough, and in the presence of the skilled immigration agents the pursuit will not be a tough proposition to scale. You need to hire the right immigration attorney with skills, experience and expertise to make sure that there is no problem whatsoever in terms of getting you shifted to this part of the world. A good immigration attorney can definitely help you bring about a difference in no time.


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