With Australia PR You Have the World at Your Feet

Many overseas immigration motivated aspirants are often looking for Permanent Residency (PR) in some of the well-known established and flourishing countries, like Australia for example. One needs to complete the paperwork and submit an application for Australia Permanent Residency (PR) before they can move, without any restrictions whatsoever, into and out of Australia.

Those who are non-citizens and wish to live in the Kangaroo Land permanently should apply for Australia PR. They will get a permanent visa which will enable them to travel around the world and return back to the famous place.

What Benefits Greet Those Having Australia PR? 

An Australian permanent resident is also eligible to enjoy numerous government supported and funded benefits. Yeah, there are various benefits which come with the Australia PR. Some of them are as below:

Social Security

The person with the Australian PR automatically becomes eligible for social security and related benefits as defined under the Social Security Act 1991, which is an agreement between the Australian Government and other countries. One can obtain the advice about his eligibility of benefits under Social Security from the HR Department of the Government of Australia.Australia PR

National Health Scheme (NHS)

The Medicare Scheme in the country is the finest in the world even as it is governed by their health insurance act 1973, which enables an Australian resident to present a petition for health insurance and get health benefits in the country. These are some of the best benefits and so rightfully most desired.


As it is too well known Oz has some of the finest educational centres in the world. Each state in the Kangaroo Land has its own education system which is levied on both private and public schools. The national government provides funds for each university in the different states with their own governance setup which defines their courses and course contents. A permanent resident in the country becomes eligible under the education system to gain education for himself and his family members.

Higher Education Loans

As per the Higher Education Support Act 2003, only citizens of Australia and permanent residents are eligible for Higher education loans and associated discounts in payments of these loans.

Eligibility to Vote

This right is somewhat restricted. Only Australian Citizens can enroll themselves as eligible voters. However, people who have gained their Australian PR before 1984 are also eligible to vote in the country to have a say in the formation of the country’s government and administration at the various levels. If you want to vote, you can easily convert your PR visa in Australian citizenship.

Australian Citizenship

If you have the Australia PR you can submit an application for the much sought after Australian citizenship in the country after you become eligible under the Australian Citizenship Act 2007.

When one can apply for Australian Permanent Visa?

A person is eligible to apply for Australia PR or a Permanent Residence Visa once he has lived for a period of at least two years in some regional areas of the country while being self-employed in these areas, or have obtained sponsorship under any regional sponsored migration scheme.

Which kind of permanent visas one can apply for?

A person can apply for any permanent visa to become a permanent resident. These are some of the most sought after visa programmes to stay and work in the country.

For instance, you can apply for the Skilled Regional Visa (subclass 887) if you want to stay and work in the hotspot. One more kind of visa that is Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 857) is available which have lesser eligibility requirements than the first one.

You can also gain family based Australia PR under the subclasses 820 and 801 in case you have family which is living in Down Under and is ready to sponsor you.

Check with your visa consultancy to know more on the subject.

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