Australia Remains One Of The Most Favored Immigration Destinations!

Australia has always been one of the most favorable immigration destinations and not surprisingly, the flow of immigrants to Australia was not being affected even during the global economic meltdown. But, a survey has revealed that despite Australia’s positive outlook towards immigration, cases of discrimination and safety issues have been found, especially in areas of high immigration.

According to Andrew Markus, a Monash University Professor and the author of the survey report, Australia’s immigration intake was too high because of its milder downturn as well as the fact that Australia lacks politicization regarding the immigration issue. He pointed out that there has not been any such party that would campaign against the high flow of immigrants. At the same time, the survey found higher levels of discrimination and other problems related to safety issues in the areas of high immigration in Australia. Some of these areas include Dandenong and Broadmeadows. As per the survey report, last year the highest number of reports of discrimination came from Indians and Sri Lankans.

While going though the number of instances, Professor Markus asserted that the Australian governments should look after the matters and work on social cohesion in areas of high immigration instead of ignoring, else more issues like discrimination against Indian students might arise. He asserted that immigration always has its affect on the country to which the immigrants flow. Immigration creates tension and thus such issues should be addressed in the right time.

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