Australia Resident Visa–Major Visa Streams

Australia Resident Visa

When most prospective immigrants think of immigration, it is extremely difficult for them to think of any other country beyond Australia, the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, courtesy mainly its thriving economy and immigrant-friendly policies. Let’s discuss more about Australia Resident Visa.

Australia Resident Visa
Australia Resident Visa

Yet, it is quite impossible to give a specific reason why majority of the potential immigrants are eager to apply for the Australia Resident Visa. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has introduced many visa programmes to cater to the growing demand of such aspirants.

Key Visa Categories for Australian Residency

Employer/State Sponsored category – To apply using the stream either you must be sponsored by an Australian employer or by a state. The popular visa subclasses are 186, 187, etc.

Skilled Migration – Does the stream require an introduction? The highest number of immigrants uses the pathway to acquire the country’s resident visa. The popular visa subclasses are 189 and 190.

Business and Investment Stream – Those who want to invest in an existing or start a new venture in the country can apply for the same. Visa subclasses such as 132,188/888 allow the candidate and their family to settle in the country permanently.

Partner/Parent/Relative Stream – It allows parents, partner and relatives of the country’s citizens or permanent residents to come and settle in Oz as permanent residents. However, the candidates under the category must be first sponsored by an Australian citizen or permanent resident. An eligible New Zealand citizen can also sponsor a candidate.

The resident visa can also be acquired on the humanitarian ground. A candidate can apply for the visa subclass 200 provided he is declared a refugee by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). For filling the application, the candidate must have a health and character certificate. Applicants are identified by the UNHCR and further referred to the Australian government for a Resident Visa.

Many students can also apply for the Resident Visa post the completion of their degree/diploma. Once the candidate has completed his education they can apply using the SkillSelect–an online tool that allows candidates to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). The best option is the Visa Subclass 189.

Australian Resident

He must follow several rules, and has no right to vote, nor can he join public sector or defense force. With a Resident Visa he can stay in the country for up to five years.

Australia Resident Visa–How to Apply?

The DIBP has set up an extremely organized and transparent points based system. One must follow it accurately just to avoid any unnecessary delays or rejection and, in some cases, even the visa application fees are not refunded. This is the primary reason why the must consult an immigration consultant.

He is a professional expert, who is well versed with the step wise immigration process and helps the candidates secure a Australia Resident Visa in the minimum time period, with no processing errors at all.

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