Australia Skilled Immigration Points System Decoded

Australia Skilled Immigration Points System

To compete with Australia’s skill shortage and increase immigration number under the skill programme, the Australian Government manages an online system called SkillSelect. With this, the Australia skilled immigration points distributions is monitored.

Skilled Occupation List (SOL) contains the details of the skill list approved by the government. Skilled Immigration Programmes under the SOL:

  • Subclass 189 – Independent Visa
  • Subclass 190 – Nominated Visa
  • Subclass 485- Temporary Graduate Visa
  • Subclass 489- Provisional Regional Visa

The CSOL, known as the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List, is also enlist in the SkillSelect system and has the same importance as that of SOL and it helps in the same way. Naming a few programmes under the CSOL:

  • Subclass 457 – Temporary Work Skill Visa
  • Subclass 497 – Training Visa

As a minimum of 60 points are required to be eligible to get the immigration-approved visa, skill point has maximum weightage. Apart from skill, age, qualification, work experience, language proficiency also has their due importance in the immigration point system.

The applicant can obtain Australia skilled immigration points after the completion of skill assessment. Based on the information and description provided by the applicant, the government will assign an approved skilled assessment agency for verification and authenticity of his skills set. Therefore, choosing the right skill is very much important in skill assessment stage, and if not chosen properly, can result in the rejection of the applicant’s application.

With skill assessment getting an approval, the next level is the verification of work experience under that particular skill set. After getting clearance by the governments approve agencies English proficiency test has to clear by taking various assessment tests like IELETS, TOFEL, OET, and other.

Once at least 60 points are attained in total including points under Australia skilled immigration points the candidate can apply for Express of Interest (EOI). After EOI is cleared by the system is the final application submission process with the required documents to get the immigration visa.

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