Australia Skilled Independent Subcategory 189 Visa–January 2016 Invitation Round Result

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has made public the results for the invitation round of January 22, 2016, even as it is very surprising. Not just an increase has been witnessed in the number of invitations sent than before, the waiting period, in most cases, has considerably headed south only to become as less than just a week. Yes, it is true!

The overall figure of the invites sent for the Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa jumped to 4,800 in January, up from 1,400 in the month of December, and the normal level of 2,300 for July-November 2015.

The bare minimum total needed for an invitation for 189 Visa is in general 60 points, and the maximum waiting time for an invitation with 60 points was less than one week for the latest invitation round. That the same is a major drop, vis-à-vis preceding rounds, cannot be ruled out.

January 22, 2016—Total Invitations Offered

Visa Subcategory


Skilled-Independent (Subclass 189) — 2,400, Skilled-Regional Provisional (subclass 489)—5.

Skilled Regional Sponsored Subcategory 489

The DIBP offered very restricted figures of invitations for these visas.

The chart given here clearly reveals that the figure of the invitations headed south from 80 every month in July 2015 down to 10 every month in the month of January this year. Despite the fact that the bare lowest score for an invitation presently stands at 65 for the 489 Visa, the waiting time with this total is more than 15 weeks. Aspirants in the pro-rata professions are doubtful to get an invite for a Family Sponsored 489 Visa.

Points scores and the visa dates of effect cut off for these occupations in the 22 January 2016 invitation round.

Despite the fact that the lowest points score for these professionals to get a 189 invitation continues to be 70 points, the waiting time presently is down to under 1 week with this total. In case the present trend carries on, it is expected that the bare minimum total for an invitation will decrease to 65 for this line-of-work in the coming round.



Points score–70

Visa date of effect–19 January 2016 12.49 am

ICT Business and System Analysts


Points score–65

Visa date of effect–18 December 2015 4.01 pm

Software and Applications Programmers


Points Score–60

Visa date of effect–15 September 2015 7.44 pm

Important: This occupation group has reached its limit even as there will be no more invites for the 2015-16 programme year, 2212 – Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers.

Occupational Ceiling Levels for 3 Professions Remain Same

Besides, there has not been any change in the Occupational Ceiling Levels for these three professions: Software and Applications Programmers, ICT Business and Systems Analysts, and Accountants.

Software and Applications Programmers

The figure of the invites for this specific line-of-work headed north appreciably in the month of January 2016 as 876 invites were given during the month of January–up from the common rate of 436 invites. While the points needed for an invitation continue to stand at 60, the waiting time has decreased to 18 weeks from the previous 25 weeks.

ICT Business and System Analysts

The figure of the invitations given to these professionals had continued to be steady at 128 every month until January 2016 when as many as 303 invites were proffered in the particular profession. Though the points needed for an invitation continue to stand at 65 for the job, the waiting time has headed south drastically to 5 weeks in the most recent round.


The total figure of invites for these professionals has swelled appreciably in the month of January this year. Invitations were proffered to as many as 375 Accountants in the month of January, in relation to 90 during the month of December, and 50 in the month of October and November, last year.

Wrapping Up

The volume of the total invites given in general for the Skilled Independent 189 Visa jumped notably in the month of January 2016, even while the same also moved through to the pro rata professions.

Even as it is not well known if one will witness again the large figure of the invites given in the month of January, it is anticipated that the least amount of total points l needed for Accountants will trim down to 65 in the coming some months. The reason: at the present rate of issued invites, there is not any chance whatsoever of the occupational limit for Accountants being fulfilled by the end of June this year.

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