Australia Skilled Worker Visa Requirements Decoded

Australia Skilled Worker Visa

If you feel motivated with Australia immigration, and want to move to the popular destination with an Australia Skilled Worker Visa, you need to decode the visa application process for the same.

Getting an Australia Skilled Worker Visais your finest chance for getting admission and employment in the country. The Kangaroo Land has some specific terms & conditions that you must fulfill to receive the visa. It’s a part of the well-known General Skilled Migration Programme (GSM).

Australia Skilled Worker Visa

Trained migrants and manpower are able to employ their specific employment experience, qualifications and language know-how with a view to fulfill the various visa requirements for Australia immigration, for a Permanent Residence Visa (PRV).

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) started a new Skilled Worker Scheme way back in 2012, and it is called the Skilled Migrant Selection Register. It is popular the world over as SkillSelect. Under the plan, you have to present an Expression of Interest (EoI) online with a view to submit an application.

The same works as an electronic two stage procedure where the potential candidates can firstly put forward a claim for skilled migration, via the EoI. He can afterwards be sent an invite to present a visa application on the strength of their EoI.

The candidates are chosen on the basis of their points score in many criteria. You will have to fulfill the different English language requirements and have the required skills assessment before the submission of your EoI. You will also have to get sanction from SkillSelect with a view to get your visa.

Skilled Independent Visa

You can opt for this wonderful Australia Skilled Worker Visa. This ‘Live and Work in Australian Visa’ is points based for the trained manpower who do not have any sponsorship from a recruiter, state or territory or a family member. In case you receive the visa, you will get the right to remain in the hotspot indefinitely with complete rights to do a job.

With a view to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for this, it is mandatory that you follow this procedure:

  1. Present your EoI online.
  2. Have a profession which is named on the pertinent Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
  3. Possess a suitable skills assessment.
  4. Be from 18 to 50 years old when the invitation to you is given.
  5. Fulfill the English language terms & conditions.
  6. Get not less than 60 points on the points test.

In case you have obtained an ITA for the said visa you will have up to 60 days in order to complete your online application. You will receive an invitation letter elucidating the procedure that you should duly follow. It is compulsory that your online application mirrors the details that you presented in your original EoI.

You may also take in the family members in your petition, like partner, dependents or a dependent family member, like an elderly parent, for example.

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