Australia SkillSelect Points Test 1 July 2012

of EOIs that can be shortlisted for the next round of selection process. This profile analysis procedure is applied to Subsections 189, 190 and 489.

The analysis procedure also makes it obligatory for each of applicants to complete certain initial steps before creating and submitting EOIs on the SkillSelect platform. These steps include

  • Getting a positive assessment advice from the designated Australian evaluation agency by submitting documentary evidences of academic qualifications and professional employment exposure for the nominated trade. Even though   authorities do not stress on completion of this step before creation of EOI but you must get this process completed before the filing of the EOI as the advice is referenced in the relevant EOI and marks are granted for education and professional exposure
  • Write an IELTS examination to evidence language compatibility being at par with atleast band 7

The SkillSelect Points Test gauges certain critical areas of profile of a migrant and grants marks to profile based on certain predefined specifications. The areas put under scanner include

  • Age
  • Academic qualifications
  • Professional exposure
  • Language compatibility
  • Australian academic pursual requirements
  • Miscellaneous aspects that include
  • Certified Community linguistic skills
  • Regional Australian academic pursual
  • Spousal qualifications based on
    • Skills
    • Age
    • Linguistic abilities

Age has been one of the top priority elements of critical profile analysis procedure. The top priority age group is between 25-32 years (both inclusive) and the people in this age group are allotted highest number of marks i.e. 30, which form half of chuck of minimum stipulated marks. People in age groups 18 – 24 years (both inclusive) and 33 – 39 years (both inclusive) get 25 marks and people in age group 40 to 44 (both inclusive) get 15 marks. No marks are granted beyond these age groups.

Evidencing language abilities at par with OET B of Ielts 7 bands (7 in each of 4 modules) can fetch you 10 points and linguistic skills at par with OET A or IELTS 8 (8 in each of 4 modules) can get your profile 20 marks.

Likewise, academic qualifications at level PhD enables a profile to score 20 marks, while Masters and Graduation accomplishments with certain specific definitions and stipulations can help you score 15 marks. People having completed Diploma are granted 10 marks.

Australia SkillSelect Points Test 2012 edition priorities employment exposure accumulated in Australian environment over overseas experience. People who have worked in their nominated profession for a period between 8 years to 10 year down under get 20 marks while people with similar overseas exposure get 15 marks. The Australian exposure between 5 to 8 years fetches 15 marks while overseas exposure for similar period helps applicants score 10 marks. The people who have worked in foreign countries for a period pertaining to 3 to 5 years get 5 marks while a similar experience inside Aussie shores helps migrants score 10 marks. One year of experience in Australia grants profiles 5 marks.

  • There are certain miscellaneous aspects which can help you score premium marks like
  • Spousal qualifications based on age, skill evaluation and language compatibility can help you score 5 marks
  • Academic pursual in regional Aussie institution can also help you to score 5 marks
  • Certified linguistic skills can also score 5 marks etc.

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