Australia SKillSelect Update – Right Time to File For Australia Immigration

The trends indicated by the recently concluded Australia SKillSelect short listing round for September 2013 i.e. September 16, 2013 are encouraging enough for the people who are waiting for the next best chance to lodge their request for migrating down under.

In this round over 900 people were issued advice to advance to next stage of application processing. The number of profiles short listed for the next round of SKillSelect application processing in last round is as follows

  • 921 people were advised to advance to the nest stage under subsection 189 permanent independent federal class
  • 39 people were issued instructions to advance for evidence submission under sub section 489 temporary nomination class

The brighter part of the SKillSelect Update in this round has been the range of the marks (attained by profiles during the creation of the EOIs) i.e.

  • In subsection 189 independent class an overwhelming number of EOIs shortlisted had marks between 60 to 70 i.e. almost 94% out of which
    • Over 33% had score of 60
    • Almost 48% had score of 65
    • Almost 12% had score of 70
  • In subsection 489 temporary all the 39 profiles short listed had score between 60 to 70

Only 6% of the people advised to advance for the next round in section 189 had scores above 70 marks. This selection although is not the true indicator of short listing on basis of the each individual trade pools as the SKillSelect is an automated is programmed to prefer the profiles with higher marks, but the trends indicate that the race for entry permit is open and competitive.

Following tread codes have almost reached the annual number caps for subsection 189 i.e.

  • 233111 – Chemical and Materials Engineers 56% achieved for this year
  • 261111 – ICT Business & System Analysts 72% achieved for this year
  • 233411 – Electronic Engineers was fixed 65 marks 42% achieved for this year
  • 263311 – Telecommunications Engineering Professionals 46% achieved for this year
  • 233999 – Other Engineering Professionals. 46% achieved for this year
  • 261399 – Software and Applications Programmers 36% achieved for this year

In these trade classes authorities have henceforth decided to issue invites on prorate basis. The number caps only influence the selection process for subsection 189 and all other routes including ENS, RSMS and provincial nomination are not impacted by these numbers.

As per our advice and Australia SKillSelect Update – Right Time to File for Australia Immigration is right now. You can seek our assistance for creating your EOI.

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