Australia SKillSelect Update, Right Time, For Immigration Application

The race is on and ensuing in full spirits and it indicates at one vital, aspect and juncture that if you have been contemplating an idea of placing your request, for immigrating Down Under then this is the moment which can be termed as the Right Time For Australia Immigration Application. You can approach us for competent support and assistance on the application and follow up process of skilled migration system.

The trends in previous selection round of November 04, 2013 indicate, at some factors which make Australia Immigration, attractive for the people trying to gain entry into the Aussie shores on basis of their skills and stimulate them to place their requests for immigrating. In this selection round 950 people were issued instructions for advancing to the next stage of selection round of subsection 189; federal independent permanent class. This is the final stage of application process and in this round the applicants must submit the supportings of the claims that have been made by them in their EOIs, at time of profile generation process.

The round concluded on the November 04, 2013, bought forth one very important aspect of the current year skilled migration scheme i.e. the race is very much open and kicking for a place in the reputed and desired for migration program. The highlights of this short listing round were that the minimum selection cut-off mark for picking out the profiles was pitched at 60 for most of the trade codes except for those, which have been registering an overwhelming response. The minimum cut-offs for these trades were pitched at 65 and these include

  • 2331- Chemical and Materials Engineers
  • 2334 – Electronics Engineers
  • 2339 – Other Engineering Professionals
  • 2611 – ICT Business and Systems Analysts
  • 2633 – Telecommunications Engineering Professionals

A majority of EOIs selected for next round by the Australia Immigration SKillSelect platform had scores between 60 and 70 (while almost 60% of profiles had score of 60). Although, the analysis based on scores may not be a true indicator of the condition of individual trade code but it does help us to appreciate one positive aspect that the Aussie skills migration scheme is still very much open for people intending to shift to this country.

The trends were equally encouraging for other sections as i.e. for the section 489 provisional temporary all of the 26 people selected for next round had score between 60 and 65. Provinces selected over 1400 people for provincial nomination route section 190 and over 150 people for temporary visa 489. The number of profiles selected for provincial nomination under temporary business migration visa section 188 stood at 148 while 18 people were nominated for permanent business visa under section 132.

So as per recent Australia SKillSelect Update, Right Time, for Immigration Application is now and here. Make it fast and approach us for comprehensive support on EOI creation process.

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