The Benefits with Australia Skillselect Visa Subclass 457

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has made provision for an existing business in Australia to employ someone from overseas for a skilled job in Australia. An individual under the Australia SkillSelect Visa Subclass 457 can –

  1. Work in Australia as part of the employment for a period of four years
  2. Travel in and out of Australia as per business needs
  3. Bring family along to reside in Australia

An individual seeking visa under subclass 457 should –

  • Be sponsored by an employer in Australia to work at a skilled position
  • Must have the qualification or skills that are in-line with the pre-requisites of the employment in Australia
  • Have passed the English language proficiency test
  • Have had a positive assessment on health and character status

Australia SkillSelect Visa Subclass 457 makes it possible for the employers or businesses in Australia to nominate and sponsor a skilled worker for a period of four years. The subclass makes it possible for the industry to meet the manpower requirements if the demands can’t be met in the domestic market. The visa under the subclass 457 is administered under three stages-

  1. Employer needs to first apply as a sponsor
  2. Employer makes a nomination on the SOL as their preference
  3. Employee files an application for the visa

The employer needs to first apply with SkillSelect for the standard business sponsorship. The labour agreement needs to be negotiated with the Australian government for this purpose. The subsequent approval remains valid for a period of three year during which the sponsor can nominate the employees (intending migrants) as prospects to fill up the positions. The applicants are then sent the invitation by the SkillSelect as part of the visa process to come and discuss employment under the subclass 457.

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