Right Time To File For Australia SkillSelect Visa

As per us at Abhinav this is the Right Time To File For Australia SkillSelect Visa. With theJuly reset date drawing near the race for the entry permission in various classifications is heating up but one thing that can be quoted as unique about this platform that it completely overwhelms the older first come first serve system and chooses EOIs on basis of the ranks attained by them. The rankings are decided by the marks achieved by individual EOI in each trade code pool.

In the  May 20, 2013 round of short listing of profiles for next round 794  people were extended advice to advance to the next round of application process where they are required to submit documentary evidences of the claims they had made in their EOIs.

One trend that has been observed throughout this year’s Australia SkillSelect Visa selections is that majority of the EOIs short listed had scored between 60 to 70 marks. 60 marks has been continuously set as minimum cut-off mark for subsequent rounds and even in this round over 55% of EOI included for next round had scores of 60. When combined with 65 and 70 marks the percentage of people included to next round measure up to almost 93% of the total selections.

Although, selection scores do not truly indicate at the situation in individual trade pools but the trends of selection over 75 scores has been a meager 7 to 8%. That is why we maintain that this is the Right Time To File For Australia Visa. You can approach us for comprehensive support and advice on this process and see us help you through this procedure smoothly.

On other classes also the news have been more than encouraging as the number of people selected under the nomination classes  reflect as

  • Skills migration nomination (subsection 190) – 751 total selections
  • Skills migration regional (subsection 489) – 113 total selections
  • Business migration (subsection 188) temporary under business innovation and investment – 168 total selections
  • Business talent permanent 132 subsection – 11 total selections

In the meanwhile some of the trade codes have achieved their annual number sealing which include

  • 233111 – Chemical and Materials Engineers
  • 261111 – ICT Business & System Analysts
  • 233411 – Electronic Engineers
  • 263311 – Telecommunications Engineering Professionals
  • 233999 – Other Engineering Professionals
  • 261399 – Software and Application Programmers.

233513 – Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers has achieved 75% of the allotted slots for the current year program.

Hurry up! And use this Right Time to File for Australia SkillSelect Visa with our help.

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