Australia Sub-class 457 visa

Australia Sub-class 457 visa

Australia Subclass 457 visa is temporary entry permission for the migrants who have been sponsored by an  Australian  employer  to  work  in  a  trade  endorsed  by  authorities.  An employer  can  nominate  an overseas worker for trades where they are unable to source requisite expertise from local market.

This visa is a 3 stage process which includes

Employer applying to be a sponsoring party through

  1. Standard business sponsorship
  2. Labor agreement. The qualified employer  can go on to nominate a skilled labor for the position that cannot be domestically recruited. The nomination is valid for one year.
  3. Hired and nominated worker files for visa with a validity of 4 years

Benefits of this visa

  • Enter live and work in Australia for a period of 4 years
  • Include your family in the visa application
  • Unrestricted permission to travel in and out of country
  • The remuneration paid is at par with the prevalent market rate for the similar position along with all other perks and grants

Prerequisites for applying for subclass 457 visa

You Must

  • Be nominated by an employer to be employed on a listed skilled trade
  • Have  necessary  qualifications,  training,  experience  and  track  record  to  suffice  for  the


  • Have minimum requisite English ability
  • Be qualified for any endorsements or registrations needed for listed trade
  • Have required health cover

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