Australia to be Short of Skills by 2025!

According to the Workplace Future report, Australia is soon to be in short of skilled migrants. The report states that by around 2025, there would be a skill shortage of about 1.4 million workers. To overcome these shortages, the report recommends increasing the immigration process and also to rise the retirement age.

The report stated the following –

  • More steps should be taken towards hiring older people and other disadvantaged persons.
  • A population growth is likely with the current birth rate being a bit on the higher side. With this, immigrant children are also adding to the cart. But this does not help the ageing population which continues to grow less in number.
  • The expected labor shortage in Victoria itself by 2025 is around 440,000 workers. This figure is calculated based on the current retirement and migration rate.
  • Considering the current workforce trends, it is possible that the participation rate might go down to 61.8% from 65.2% in 2025.

All in all, to meet these demands, a rise in the age of retirement is the foremost task to be carried out. With this, the boundary of the hired workforce needs to be extended.

Migration which plays a very important in building the Australian economy has to be promoted further with the recent criticism intact.

On the other hand, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the following has been stated –

  • Population growth – 1.6%
  • Unemployment rate – 4.5%
  • Jobs Rate – 1.9%

However, the report also states that these predicted skill shortages have been partly subdued in the previous one year due to recession. Since, the unemployment rate has been constantly on the rise during this period; skill shortages can easily be fore taken. But this cannot be taken as an ultimatum because shortages still exist in many industries in Australia.

Thus, for those planning to immigrate, Australia is the best destination as of now when it comes to job opportunities. Also, migration is something which is being promoted as of now by the Australian government. So why not take your chances? You might just hit the bull’s eye!

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