Australia Wants Skilled Doctors, IT Professionals, Technicians

Are you a trained doctor, or an IT expert, or a technician, and keen to proffer your professional services abroad? If yes, you will be happy to know that at present there is a high demand of qualified people like you in Australia — the Land of Endless Opportunities under Australia Skilled Occupation List.

Yes, it is true! Powerless to discover the necessary talent, numerous job openings under the Australia Skilled Occupation List continue to be unfulfilled in the country even as IT, Doctors, technicians and support staff are in high demand in the nation. Job-providers/recruiters are presently finding it fairly cost effective to offer the necessary training to the talent instead of keeping the large number of openings open.

Maximum In-demand Skills and Opportunities in Down Under

Australia has been generating numerous new classes of attractive job-opportunities during the past couple of years under its Australia Skilled Occupation List. While the job market is becoming better in the country, it is likely to continue its excellent rate of progress during the coming times as well.

Australia Wants Skilled Doctors, IT Professionals, Technicians

According to the most recent numbers available, Australia produced around 180,000 fresh opportunities during the year gone by, even as it’s allegedly noteworthy. There has been a continued requirement for the skilled trades & engineers in the nation.

These are a few of the leading jobs in demand in the Kangaroo Land in the year 2016 and it is possible that these will continue to be in high demand next year as well: Doctors and other non-nursing health professionals, Accounting and finance personnel, Skilled trades, Engineers, Executives/managers, Office Support personnel, IT personnel, Technicians, and Drivers.

Australia Battling Skills Famine

The dearth of skilled workers is allegedly holding back the country notwithstanding the generation of fresh jobs in the country. The numbers made available by the most recent ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey reveal that approximately 38% of close-to 1,500 companies (studies across Australia) faced problems in filling the available work openings. This is just due to the rising dearth of skills required in the country.

Numerous Available Positions Stay Open Thanks to Unavailability of Skilled Manpower 

Thanks to the unavailability of the needed number of trained employees, recruiters and companies in the country are incapable to fill the different unoccupied job positions. An additional fact worth taking note of is that lack of experience and hard expertise are troubling the various firms in Australia, keen to the fill the available openings.

Australian Recruiters Training Fresh Talent to Fill Available Opportunities

Without a doubt, approximately 76% of the firms are focusing on offering the required training to the existing workers, for filling up the vacant job positions in the nation. It is being carried-out via upskilling & traineeships. It’s being performed to prepare flawless people for the job, and so it is worth the cost to train the obtainable manpower is what is turning out to be rather convenient for them presently.

Allegedly, technology has made a noticeable shift in market demands. And it has led to the generation of fresh jobs not known earlier, during the previous 10 years.

Plan You Move Now!

Against this backdrop, it is the perfect time for you to move to the nation, in case you happen to be fairly motivated to work overseas and possess the in-demand skills. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) will ensure that you get a visa and shift to the hotspot.

Seeking & Getting Professional Assistance

Consult an experienced visa and immigration agent dealing with Australia immigration to successfully plan your move, submit an application for a visa that suits your background and experience the most and move to the destination effortlessly and easily.

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