Australian Immigration Favors Proficient English Speakers!

According to reports, Immigration Minister Chris Evans is expected to come out with certain Immigration changes that would favor those skilled migrants who speak good English. In addition, the changes are expected to target the employees who hold sponsorship by employers rather than self-nominating applicants.

Senator Evans confirmed that close to half migrants with skills on MODL, manage to get jobs in their field, and the rest end up with no jobs in their hands or satisfy themselves with low-skill jobs.

Evans went on to say that skilled migration is one of the critical facets of Australian immigration as it contributes to the overall economy.

Talking about the new system, he said that the amendments would allow potential migrants get more points on the basis of their qualification in high value professionals, experience level, proficiency in the English language and qualification from a prestigious university.

The new amendments would surely have an impact on jobs, as many overseas students have already engaged themselves in courses present on in-demand list, which may no longer assist them in permanent migration!

In another news piece, stats show that around 90% of temporary migrants, the ones who were given Subclass 457 visas last year are highly paid professionals. As far as the temporary skilled migrants are concerned, the overall pay package is around $100,000, with those belonging to mining field, having an average pay of $169,000.

Foreign Skilled workers employed in Western Australia belonged to the highest paid category, followed by New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory, ACT and South Australia.

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