Australian IT Sector Looking for Overseas Skilled Professionals

According to a latest report by the EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) called “The Means to Compete: Benchmarking IT industry Competitiveness”, Australia is among the top three nations across the world which provides the most optimistic competitive environment for IT companies across the Asia-Pacific county, following Taiwan and South Korea.

The said report has also revealed that Australia was provided with fifth rank across the world regarding the general competitiveness of its IT sector, with the U.S. which tops the index table, following  Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom, in that order.

Likewise, this Kangaroo land was provided with fourth rank for its Advanced IT & Communication Infrastructures, following the US, Canada, and Switzerland.

In this particular report, the access of mobile phone in Australia is showed to be at the highest, which is 94.5%.

Besides, the Australian IT industry has been taking several significant steps to make this sector a more environment friendly for several years. Recently, a number of organizations in Australia are taking into consideration both energy and environment factors.

At present, there is an urgent need for skilled IT professionals in the country, which is affecting IT assignment delivery times, driving up salaries and thus, creating highly salaried IT employment opportunities in the country. Now, the Australian employers are looking overseas to attract skilled IT immigrants on the Australian 457 visa.

In case, you are thinking of Australia immigration and have experience in IT world, then you can apply for immigration t o Australia under skilled category. It will help you in obtaining permanent residence status in the country. However, for all these, at first you have to meet the requirements determined for this category.

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