Australian Minister Hauled Over the Coals for Overseas Workers Agreement

Latest available reports suggest that certain trade groups of Australia, also called Down Under, have asked the incumbent government to immediately cancel a controversial decision taken by their immigration minister that enables a particular mining project–involved with extracting iron ore and operating from the region of Western Australia–to usher-in 1,700 workers from abroad. A sizeable chunk of this vital resource is likely to be exported to the swiftly progressing economies of Asia–namely, India and China.

They (trade unions) have also strongly urged for the removal of the current Immigration Minister for enabling a mining czar of the country to usher-in workers from abroad, to work on a specific project in the mentioned region of Down Under.

Meanwhile–expressing his strong displeasure over the issue, and attacking the government–a critic was quoted as saying that the latest announcement is not a good development for the common workers of the country. It is expected that the said project would take somewhere around three years to become operational. For the next 20 years, every year, it would ship-out 55 million of iron ore. The project in question would require somewhere around 8,500 workers for construction purposes even as it (the project) would become 100% operational only during 2015.

The developers of the project are looking forward to hire 6,700 workers from the nation itself even while the remaining 1,700 workers would have to be brought to the country from outside–the reason being presently Down Under does not have sufficient numbers of trained workers and it is left with no other options.

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