Australian Permanent Residency Eligibility: An Overview

One of the most sought after visas in the world, the Australia Permanent Residence (PR) Visa—which is rather similar to the US Green Card, in terms of usefulness and importance–offers the prized Australian Permanent Residency to the holders, enabling them to enjoy a wide variety of facilities and privileges. No wonder, most of the migrants to Down Under leave no stones unturned to grab the permit.

However, the popular belief that all migrants can get this visa is unfounded and lacks merit. The hard truth is that not everyone–who wishes to reside in the country on a permanent basis–is really qualified to do so. Allegedly, Canberra has quite strict laws and regulations even as these duly decide who could be proffered with a permit, and also the requirements that the candidates ought to fulfill.

Through several easy-to-follow and hassle-free visa routes–such as General Skilled Worker Visa Category, Family Visa Category, etc.–the successful migrants, who initially get provisional visas to the country, can eventually get the much sought after Australian Permanent Residency privilege.

The candidates may file a petition for a PR Visa, post living for a period of two years in a Specified Regional Area, and/or working for one year in the same regions, or getting sponsorship through the Regional Sponsored Migration Arrangement. The overseas students pursuing studies in Down Under may file a petition for PR Visa, if they are through with a minimum of 2-year registered course on the nation’s soils.

Though the candidates may submit a submission for any given permanent permit, the Skilled – Regional (Residence) visa (sub-category 887) is purposely molded for the holders of a provisional skilled visa, who wish to file a petition for the Australian PR Visa.

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