Helpful Info on Australian Residency Visa for Indian Applicants

With the emergence of Australia as a leading immigration destination on the world map, the interest of the overseas immigration inspired people has apparently further increased in this highly prosperous and successful nation. A significant number of these people–many of who happen to be Indian migrants–put out al stops to gain the prized Australian Residency Visa.

It allows the holders to reside in the country indefinitely even as via various kinds of permits the candidate, along with his family members, can have Permanent Residence in the country. The holders have a right to reside, work and pursue studies in the country permanently. Supplementary benefits cover the right to use administration funded and subsidized healthcare, some social security facilities, and last but not the least, the facility to file a petition for the much sought after nation’s citizenship.

Coming back to the title at hand—Australian residency visa for Indian aspirants–they can file a petition and get the visa even if they don’t submit an application for the same, via the widely preferred path, the General Skilled Migrants (GSM).

The Indian aspirants can do the same through these three popular routes:

  1. The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS): It offers permanent residence to those employees from abroad who have sponsorship from their Australian recruiter/firm. This scheme is purposely molded to boost the nation’s capacity to remain competitive at the world level while simultaneously catering to the real scarcities in the nation’s trained labor market.
  2. Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS): Workers from abroad may make the grade for an onshore RSMS subcategory 857 permit or an offshore RSMS 119 subcategory permit to get involved with Australian firms situated across the low population growth areas.
  3. Business Development: Direct permanent residence facility is up for grabs for top-notch business individuals from India, like elsewhere. Those having provisional permits can also make the cut.

So, if you are an Indian applicant–and interested in the Australian Residency Visa–use the information given above, prior to you achieve your goal. For additional or more information, you are welcome to get in touch with Immigration Australia and/or Australia High Commission and/or the VFS—the authorized organization to file an application for the said purpose.

The VFS has 10-odd centers in India which proffer the required facility to the aspirants from this part of the world. You can also contact the many Australian visa and immigration consultancies operating from the several Indian cities and towns. Being experts on the issue, these may provided highly useful and relevant information on the issue, and show you how to get hold of the said visas.

Getting Australian residency visas for Indian applicants is not very tough and/or cumbersome as believed by many people.  Even if they do not follow the GSM category, they can still apply successfully. Applicants may contact Immigration Australia and/or Australia High Commission and/or the VFS to get the needed information on the subject and follow the same to get the said visas.

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