Australian Skilled Immigration Visas: An Overview

Thanks to its robust economy, and progressive atmosphere, not to mention migrant-friendly visa and immigration policies, Australia–also known as the Kangaroo Land & Down Under–motivates a large number of skilled and talented people from overseas.

Canberra offers opportunities to such migrants through many manners:

  • Migrants below 45 years are given preference, if are rather comfortable with English language & possess a qualification in one of the most preferred vocations or trades of Down Under.
  • They may claim the prized permanent residency status in a specific area of Down Under.
  • Keen ambitious entrepreneurs–who possess the required capability to make investments–may also arrive in the nation, before launching a business enterprise there.

Skilled Migration Permit

Qualified individuals may utilize their qualifications, work experience & skills in language to pocket this permit.

Fresh Permit Sub-categories

Skilled Independent Permit: This type of permit is permanent by nature even as it is meant for the aspirants who don’t have any sponsorship from a recruiter or anybody else. The permit enables an individual to get employed and reside in the Kangaroo Land on a permanent basis together with their family members, if they are eligible. The aspirant ought to present an Expression of Interest (EOI), and have a vocation that matches the applicable trained vocation list of the Kangaroo Land. He also requires having expertise in English and garnering not less than 60 test points. Further, he must be between 18 and 50 years.

Skilled-Nominated Permit: This permit is offered to those qualifying persons who have nomination from an Australian territory or state. The aspirant ought to present an EOI, via Skill Select. Post sailing through the essential criteria, he will get an invite to submit additional submissions. To sail through the essential process, the skill of the aspirant ought to fall under the qualified occupation list. Further, the candidate ought to between 18 and 50 years. He must also be comfortable with English and possess a good character & health. He is also expected to garner not less than 60 test points.

Skilled-Nominated/ Sponsored Permit: The aspirants ought to have sponsorship from an Australian territory or state, or even from a family member, who has been residing in Down Under. The permit has a validity of 4 years even as it doesn’t permit the holder to get employed across any of his preferred area. Instead, he has to get employed in a particular area only.

Summing up, the visa-applicants keen to migrate through the Australian skilled immigration programs ought to fulfill every given requirement and follow every step of the involved processes to fruitfully get a permit, and shift to this amazingly striking country.

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