Australian SkillSelect: Tips for Presenting Successful EOI

Australia, the ‘Land of Milk & Honey’, as it’s too well known, is a leading foreign destination. It draws millions of migrants from practically all over the globe even as a significant section of the migrants happen to be from India.


Filing a visa petition for Australia immigration–through the online facility of SkillSelect–requires a rather methodical and clinical approach, to be on the safer side, and ensure that one eventually gets an invite from the concerned Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). It’s a fact that many aspirants fail to get a positive response only because they may have failed to move ahead properly and engage the SkillSelect the way it ought to be.

EOI Tips

For such aspirants, here below are given some useful and helpful tips for presenting an expression of interest (EOI), via the SkillSelect.

To begin with, ensure that you show an interest in the correct permit for your specific situations. Skilled permit choices are available on the website of the SkillSelect at You may also employ Visa Wizard for the given purpose.

Verify, via checking the applicable Skilled Occupation List (SOL), if your profession is entitled for qualified overseas movement.

Prior to you begin your online EOI, make certain that every document/paper is in perfect order. If you fail to furnish proof of every needed document/paper–like for instance, an IELTS Test & skills evaluation–you will not have a all-inclusive EOI in the SkillSelect.

Find out the particular prerequisites for the permit you find your interest in. You need to know that only some skilled permit choices are to be had, through the SkillSelect. The permit information booklets available at the website mentioned before will duly assist you know who makes the grade to shift to Down Under.

Go through the ‘Getting started’ user manual given on the SkillSelect support site even while the same carries the needed instructions related to entering your EOI particulars.

Enter the exclusive EOI identification number created after you have generated your specific EOI profile. The said number will be your username when you log-in to SkillSelect.  Don’t forget your security question answers. In case you forget your password, the same will prove decisive and help you reset it.

When you fill-out the EOI questions, you would do well to take your time, & make certain that you thoroughly identify with the questions. In case you meet dead end, or fail to comprehend a question—employ the question mark icons. These offer valuable info to suitably assist you answer.

An invite to submit a submission for permit could be given inside a brief duration, post you present your EOI. You ought to be in a position to duly support the claims you make in your EOI with papers/documents & have this ready to offer at the time of filing a petition.

Promptly bring up-to-date your particulars in your EOI when your situations undergo any change. The same will make certain that your updated particulars are duly weighed-in in the succeeding automatic round of invite. You also won’t be caught out, in case you receive an invite, prior to updating your particulars—SkillSelect automatically cancels access to an EOI at the time of sending an invite.

Last but not the least; try the monthly reports tab given on the web page of the SkillSelect. These reports point-out the total figure of the invites made available for the earlier automatic rounds of invite. The same also proffers a low down of the total volume of invites made available against profession on the SOL. In a situation wherein a line of work has touched its upper limit, then it is improbable that any further automatic invites will be offered for that profession during the said program year.

Successfully submitting a visa petition for Australia immigration–through the online facility of SkillSelect–necessitates a clinical course of action on the part of the aspirants. By following some tips one can ensure that his EOI attracts an invite from Immigration Australia. Ensure you show an interest in the correct permit for your specific situations. Also–through checking the applicable SOL–verify if your profession is entitled for skilled overseas movement.

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