Australian tourism intending to Attract Chinese Tourists!

If you will go to you will find that Tourism Australia has come out with a new competition offering visitors who come from China to come and enjoy of the best of Australia!

Hence, this website will allow all those visitors who have been to Australia earlier to post their pictures or videos (what ever they feel like) in order to share some of their best experience spent in the land of Kangaroos.

The competition is an integral part of an attempt to promote Australia as a tourist destination on a global level. The competition would indirectly give a message that there is no country like Australia. In addition, these videos and photographs would allow prospective tourists to explore various aspects linked with the Australian tourism. The posters can also write the description associated with their traveling experience as to provide a deep insight into this beautiful land called Australia.

In addition, the Tourism Australia is decked with informative map of the country decked with plenty of attractions which the country has to offer.

Tourists to Australia need to get a Tourist Visa until and unless they don’t have an Australian or New Zealand passport. You can apply for ETA visa which provides the applicant with the freedom stay in the land of Kangaroos for a span of three months for tourism related

For more info on the same, contact a Tourist visa expert and skim through various aspects linked with Immigrating to Australia.

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