Australian Union Raises Voice Against Employers Who Hire Overseas Professional Workers

In an effort to give preference to the Australian residents while employing overseas workers, Australian Union has come up with an idea of forming a legal agreement that would grant country based employers to advertise their jobs and set their eyes on Australian citizens before being allowed to hire international workers.

The Martin Union of Australia (MUA) is promoting to have an Australian job clause inserted into EMAs (Enterprise Migration Agreements), which were formed in 2011 by the Australian government. They are fully concerned about preventing the major project like infrastructure from being expedited by shortage of skilled workers.

The project mangers are granted on infrastructure projects worth AUS $ 2bn that can employ more than 1500 people to send their applications for 457 temporary work visas to accomplish the project.

At present, the Australian government has taken 14 EMAs under consideration. Negotiations between Australian governments and employers are expected to begin within the three months.

Once EMAs are formed, the employers will get privilege to apply for thousands of 457 visas, better known as Temporary Business visas. he visa holders will be granted to live in the land of kangaroos for up to 4 years. Besides, they will also be entitled to bring their family members in Australia and live with them.

The Australian job clause tends to enable to the union to be anxious to ameliorate from a court, especially in that case when a company fails in making any effort to find local workers before recruiting overseas workers. As finding Australian residents before making an effort to apply for EMA is the most important requirement, which was however negotiated by unions.

Chris Cain, general secretary of MUA in Western Australia, expressed his views in favor of strengthening the requirements of Australian employers to give more preferences to Australian workers while initiating the recruitment process. He also said that employers must be having a duly signed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), before granting the EMA. That lets the unions sue the employers if the required process and checks have not been done properly.

Cain added that the Australian job clause also grants the Australian worker and union to get redress from Fair Work Australia.

“It clearly supports that the Australian citizens having required qualification will get advantages over the overseas workers in getting job opportunities,” he said.  The AMMA (Australian Mines and Metals Association), on the other hand, said that the proposal may led to have a huge conflict between unions and employers rather than helping to protect the jobs.

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