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Of late, the idea of grabbing an Australia Visa for Indian Citizens has gained widespread currency in India even while the overseas immigration motivated candidates from this part of the world (India) have been leaving no stone unturned whatsoever to land in the country with a legal visa.

Nowadays, Oz enjoys extensive popularity in India and elsewhere as an amazing immigration destination because it is one of the most developed global economies. The icing on the cake is its immigration policy is pro-migrant, and not-too-restrictive or difficult to fulfill, say, like the US and the UK.

Thanks to certain developments, especially the ones related to terror orchestrated by some of the dreaded outfits such as the Islamic State (IS), now the developed world has become very cautious, and is not too keen to welcome migrants from some specific countries.

However, the good news is that the various overseas hotspots are not very worried about the Indians and their motives, as they know well that the skilled Indians are proven gems, and renowned for leaving trail almost everywhere. And, no matter whether it is the Google, or Dell, or Google or Microsoft, they have made their presence felt in all the sectors across the world.

Further, skilled Indians are offering their professional services as excellent scientists, programmers, doctors and engineers, and making a very handy contribution to the Australian society and economy in the process.

Even the diplomacy between Australia and India has been strengthening. And, as a token of gratitude the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has been turning proactive towards considering the Indian application. Australian visa for Indian citizens can be the best way with which you can move to the popular destination.

Australian Immigration for Indians News

The first four months have been rather productive from the viewpoint of immigration with more than 65000 Visitor Visas issued. Such numbers have been a proof that the spike in the demand of Australian Visa is seemingly apparent in India. At present, the winter has been prevailing in Australia. It is the best time to explore the fauna and flora in the country.

The DIBP has taken the responsibility of bringing better facilitation in the visa management, especially in case of the Indians. Under the new initiative by the Australian Government, 2477 accessibility of the immigration websites for application has been streamlined. Followed by this, the ImmiAccount portal has also ensured that the online fee payment for the visa can be smoothly streamlined. The Indian immigrants seeking Tourist Visa can easily visit the website and submit an application from there.

Australia Tourist Visa

If you wish to know more about the Tourist Visa to Australia, here’s how it is all about!

Tourist Visa will be issued to the immigrants with the following intent. If they want to land in Oz, as a visitor, they can stick with the Tourist Visa. Even for the purpose of business development, seminars and conferences, the immigrants can go ahead with the Tourist Visa. Under it, you can live in the Kangaroo Land for a period of twenty days.

In most cases, the visa can be further extended by another 16 days but with a valid reason to support the claim. In case if you are on a medical visa to Australia from India, and you want an extension of the stay for follow-up with the doctor, you can do so with the doctor who has been treating you specifically mentioning that in the prescription.

The process for the application of tourist visa is simple and once you have hired an experienced and well-known immigration consultancy to help you deal with the different requirements, it will be a simple path towards experiencing your first foot fall on the Australian soil.

Australian visa for Indian citizens has been in demand and with a good immigration agent you can always move without much trouble.  So, what are you now really waiting for? Get in touch with Abhinav TODAY, and see your overseas dreams blossoming in the finest way possible!

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