Avail the benefit of Canada PR Visa for better Quality of Life

Since long the world has known that Canada PR Visa empowers the immigrants to reside in the best overseas destination for the migrants keen to reside comfortably overseas, and do well-paying jobs, launch rewarding businesses, and/or make profitable investments therein. Numerous studies and researches carried-out, by some of the internationally well-known organizations and groups on the subject, have proved this fact time and again.

What does the research and statistics say?

  • Adding to the worldwide popularity and acceptance of the famed destination, and increasing its importance in the eyes of the migrants who completed their Canada PR visa Process.
  • Another study, done recently on the subject, reportedly illustrates the same thing: The Maple Leaf Country is right at the top, in the comity of global hotspots, and is a perfect place for migrants looking for Canada immigration.
  • As per the study in question, the overseas hotspot is the Number 1 nation in the world in 2019 for Quality of Life, for the fourth consecutive year.
  • In general, the place was also declared the third best nation across the globe, third best nation throughout the globe for women, third best for education, and second leading for corporate headquarters.

What Canada is best for Quality of Life?

  • The research carried out by a renowned international organization reportedly broke down the general positions of 80 nations.
  • The researchers did so use 75 different parameters even as afterwards they reportedly put each of these into one of 9 subcategories, including a decent job market, affordability, economic stability, family friendly, equality of income, political stability, safety & security, public health structure, and public education arrangement.
  • Canada zoomed past Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, and Finland. Each of these nations found a place in the leading 5 places for Quality of Life.
  • As per the study, for its political stability, robust job market, safe atmosphere, besides its wonderful education arrangement, the Maple Leaf Country zoomed ahead and stormed to the top.

Leading 20 Nations for Quality of Life in 2019

Apart from Canada and the four nations mentioned earlier, these nations, reportedly, found a place in the top 20 for quality of life in 2019, namely, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Belgium, the UK, Japan, Luxembourg, Ireland, France, the US, Singapore, Portugal, and the People’s Republic of China.

Check Your Eligibility

As per the OECD Better Life Index, Canada ranks high under the parameters of Healthcare, Life Satisfaction and Safety.

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