B-2 Visitor Visa—Perfect For Short Trip To US

The US attracts people from all walks of life and almost every second person visiting the country has his own set of reasons. However, if you want to visit the country simply for pleasure or medical treatment, then B-1 Visitor Visa will be perfect for you.

It is essentially non-immigrant in nature which means the duration of the visa is very limited. It is more commonly known as Tourist Visa as a large number of tourists apply for the visa to enjoy same pleasurable time with their friends and family.

Under no circumstances, the B-2 Visitor Visa holder is allowed to work or study. In few cases, they may join the courses which are purely recreational in nature and not credit based. The duration of these courses should not extend from 18 hours a week. A perfect example is a visa holder’s wish to attend a two day dance workshop. It is more recreational in nature and not a single credit is earned.

The primary applicant is restricted from bringing along their family. If they wish to come along, they will have to file a separate petition.  The US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) initially issues a visa for six months which can be further extended to six more months. But, it is subject to approval.

Basic Eligibility

You must be able to satisfy the consular at the US High Commission/Embassy that you are eligible to apply for B-2 Visitor Visa according to the US Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). This specific section 214(b) clearly explains that the B-2 Visitor Visa holder is an intending immigrant to the country.

To make your petition stronger, you must clearly state that you wish to stay in the country for limited period only, and before your visa expires you will return to your country of origin. You must further submit the proof of your financial resources that you have enough funds to cover your US trip, and that you have a permanent address outside the country and enjoy social ties with fellow residents and have no plans to abandon it.

Whose chances of getting a B-2 visitor visa are less?

Young applicants between the age group of 15 to 30 years have less chances of getting their petition approved. Further, if you are a divorcee/widow/widower or not yet married, your chances of getting a visa are all the more reduced.

The country also restricts those who have a criminal background, have visited certain countries at regular interval, or have health related issues, or are not financially sound to cover the expenses of the trip. Your petition will leave a negative impact if you have lost your passport earlier or have given incorrect information.

To make your petition strong, it is necessary that you should be a law abiding citizen of your country and should file income tax return every year.

Moving to your dream destination is not an easy task. The USCIS has stringent immigration laws. To make the whole process easy, you are advised to approach a skilled US Immigration expert.

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