Bakery Owner Accused of Employing Illegal Immigrants!

A bakery shop owner in San Diego has been taken into custody for hiring illegal immigrants; the same has been confirmed by the Immigration authorities who stated that more than fifty percent of the employees are working on an illegal manner in the US.

The authorities further confirmed that an arrest of 44 employers have taken place in concerned of their undocumented status in the country.

The complaints have been made by Federal court that the S&S bakery made deliveries to various identities including the San Diego’s federal courthouse, various military bases and jail houses.

According to one informant, their owner used to order them to get undocumented paper work done. The informant is a legal resident and was allowed to get employed in the U.S., a facet which his boss was u unaware of.

Immigration scams in San Diego are getting very common these days. It was not long back when French Gourmet’s owners were charged of giving employment to various undocumented workers who were staying in the country in illegal manner. For this, they had to succumb to a fine of millions of dollars.

Like the S&S bakery, deliveries were made to the various military bases located in San Diego by the French Gourmet.

Restaurants and bakery shops are some of the most common premises which hire undocumented workers at low costs.

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