BC Provincial Nominee Program- Strategic Occupations- Eligible Employers!

The British Columbia has set requirements for its employers who wish to participate in the Provincial Nominee Program in order to nominate eligible foreign nationals to fill up the job positions. Private Sector employers and public/non-profit employers require to fulfill different prerequisites before applying to sponsor foreign skills. Let us have a look at them:

Following are the requirements a private sector British Columbia employer has to meet before supporting nominee application with BC PNP:

  • The employer must be a limited liability partnership in the province of British Columbia.
  • The employer must be permanently established in British Columbia.
  • It is required that employer has been in operation in the province for a minimum of twelve months. However, for the Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled Pilot Project, the duration of operation must be 2 years.
  • The employer is required to have at least 5 permanent/regular employees in British Columbia at the time of filing nominee application with the BC PNP.
  • The business run by the applicant employer must be financially stable. It is also required to have a reputation of a good workplace.
  • If the nominee applicant on behalf of whom the employer is filing application with the BC PNP, the former should have an ownership stake less than 10 percent in the latter’s business. For your information, those foreign nationals who hold more than 10 percent stake in an employer’s business are not eligible for Provincial Nominee Program of British Columbia.

Applications get rejected under certain circumstances, including:

  • If the employer is associated with the production, distribution, or sale of pornographic products, and other such services.

When it comes to public sector, as well as non-profit organizations, the British Columbia PNP accepts petitions from the following types of employers. As far as the basic requirement is concerned, every employer should be permanently established in British Columbia.

  • Organizations or agencies dealing with provincial/regional health care.
  • Public institutions providing post-secondary education.
  • Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC recognized private non-profit institutions providing post-secondary education.
  • Federal or provincial government-support institutions that deal with research in the fields of natural/applied sciences, as well as health sciences, engineering and information technology.

Besides, above there are few other employers/organizations eligible for the British Columbia PNP. For more information, contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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