Are You Entrepreneur? Use BCPNP British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Scheme!

Canada is a dynamic place to live and work even as people from every corner of the world migrate to the country in search of better livelihood opportunities. If you are an entrepreneur, and looking for an opportunity to settle in the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’, then British Columbia (BD) is a perfect province for you.

Very often referred as the BC, the province is located on the West Cost. From the first week of July 2015 the province has reopened its popular BCPNP British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Scheme. The newly introduced scheme is not only attractive but is also fruitful for prospective entrepreneurs who wish to settle in the province.

BCPNP British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Scheme—Key Features

  1. No restrictions on age limit.
  2. Candidates are required to own a minimum 33% of the business.
  3. Registration fee has been reduced to CAD $300 only.
  4. It is not mandatory anymore to achieve the set score in English Language.
  5. Minimum net worth has been reduced to CAD $600,000 and investment amount has also been reduced to CAD $200,000.

It sounds pleasing to know that the BC is accepting as many applications as possible in order to select only the best and most capable. Interested candidates can register themselves and submit an Expression of Interest (EoI). If they successfully meet the set criteria to run a business in the province, they, along with their family members, can permanently settle in the province.

This is an easy pathway for experienced business people who can successfully establish and run commercial business venture and contribute towards the growth of the province’s economy.

How the BCPNP Entrepreneur Immigration Scheme works?

The BC encourages applicants to register themselves online. However, the number of petitions accepted every month has been restricted to 200 only. To select the best, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has established a pool of candidates. Eligible aspirants compete with each other and get an equal opportunity to score as many points as possible.

Candidates with highest points will get an opportunity to streamline their application under the BCPNP Entrepreneur Immigration Scheme.

Registering online in no way is regarded as an application under the stream, neither it is an assurance that candidate will be surely invited to apply.

Candidate’s profile in the selection pool will be valid for six months only. If any person from the pool is not invited to apply ITA, his application will automatically expire, thereafter; he will have to submit a fresh application.

Applicants, who receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), will have a maximum of four months to submit application, and if it is accepted he will sign a Performance Agreement and will get maximum 20 months to execute the business plan in the BC.

Personal Requirements

Each applicant is assessed on following factors:

  1. Business background/experience
  2. Net worth and main source of capital
  3. Adaptability
  4. Business plan and the possibility to create at least one full time job, for either Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen.
  5. Intention to live and work in the BC

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