Want To Enjoy Amazing Benefits Overseas? Get a Permanent Resident Visa in Canada!

Permanent Resident Visa in Canada

If you want to lead a happy and successful life, and revel in all that the most developed global economy has to offer, get a Permanent Resident Visa in Canada. As it is too well known, the Maple Leaf Country is an amazing ‘Land of Opportunity’ even while a large number of people receive their prized PR Card standing in the hotspot every year. Actually, the North American Country has been improving the figures of successful candidates to more than 280,000 persons every year, and you have parallel opportunity just like those lucky individuals.

Permanent Resident Visa in Canada
Permanent Resident Visa in Canada

But what is Permanent Resident Visa? And why get a Permanent Resident Visa in Canada? Well, it is a visa given to those with Permanent Residency in the country. The same applies to those who do not have the nation’s citizenship, but who have been given the right to reside and do a job in the nation, minus any sort of time restriction put on their stay. It is compulsory for a permanent resident to stay in the country for a period of two years, out of every five, lest they lose their standing.

As per a report, every year, 200,000-plus people gain admission into the nation as permanent residents. And they duly complete an application procedure that offers them with a chance for a better and new life in the country. After getting an approval, to gain admission into the country as a permanent resident, a person gets a Permanent Resident Card (previously called the Landed Immigrant form) and revel in nearly all the same rights as citizens of the nation. They only lack the voting privileges and unrestricted stays while moving outside of the nation.

The procedure of getting Canada Permanent Residency is rather complex and somewhat a long drawn out affair. The same is also in a state of continuous change, thanks to different foreign policy initiatives and changes made to laws.

Against this backdrop, it is vital that, in case you are considering submitting an application for Permanent Residence, you seek and obtain immigration support and guidance from the experts. It will certainly not to be a good development for you that at the last moment you learn that your application has been dismissed, post several months (at times years) of cooling your heels.

Canada PR Visa Programmes

You may submit an application for PR under one of six classes for Permanent Residence:

  1. Skilled Worker Class Immigration
  2. Business Class Immigration
  3. Provincial Nomination Programme (PNP)
  4. Family Class Immigration
  5. Quebec-Selected Immigration
  6. International Adoption

Rights & Privileges of Canada Permanent Residents

Thanks to this status, you get wonderful opportunities and benefits in the nation. With a PR Card you can reside, do a job, and enroll for a study course in the nation, on a permanent basis. While the PR Card is usually offered for a period of 5 years, it may be renewed.

Thanks to your status, you and your dependents have:

  1. The Right to get majority of the social benefits that greet the Canadian citizens and this comprise the highly useful healthcare coverage.
  2. The right to stay, do a job or register for a study course and get study anywhere in the nation.
  3. The right to present a petition for Canadian citizenship, post spending a period of time residence.
  4. Protection under the Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

To enjoy these amazing benefits, get a Permanent Resident Visa in Canada.

As a permanent resident, it is also required that you give taxes, and respect every Canadian law at all the levels—from municipal to provincial to federal.

While we are on the subject, let’s check this news report!

Canada Start-Up Visa Plan to Become Regular Characteristic of Immigration Setting

Ottawa has reportedly declared that the Start-Up Visa Scheme–a corridor to Permanent Residence for the entrepreneurs starting a firm/venture in the country–will become a regular facet of the nation’s immigration scene in 2018.

In the coming months, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will reportedly work to settle the norms for the permanent scheme with a view to have a unified change when the present pilot comes to an end, on March 31, next year.

The Start-Up Visa Plan inspires the immigrant entrepreneurs to develop and expand their firms/ventures in the nation. Successful candidates link with private sector groups in the nation, where they can get subsidy, guidance and know-how in opening and running their enterprise in the nation. Over 50 Canadian venture capital funds, angel investor groups and business incubators are presently designated to take part in the scheme.

Since being introduced in 2013, a combined total of 117 principal candidates have been given authorization for Permanent Residence, via the plan. These entrepreneurs represent 68 start-ups started in the Maple Leaf Country. Ottawa is reportedly optimistic that additional immigrant entrepreneurs will be given sanction over time, in the process, benefiting the national economy.

With a view to be qualified, it is mandatory for the candidates, for a Start-Up Visa, to fulfill these needs:

  1. Fulfill the bare minimum language terms & conditions in English or French language (CLB 5 in all abilities).
  2. Possess adequate funds to settle in the nation.
  3. Plan to reside in a Canadian province, other than Quebec.
  4. Successfully sail through the mandatory Canadian security & medical clearances.
  5. Establish that the firm/venture is duly supported, via a nominated organization.
  6. Illustrate that the firm/venture fulfills the different requirements of proprietorship.

Important: Under the Start-Up Visa Plan not more than five overseas people can submit an application for Permanent Residence, as component of the same business venture.

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