Best Educational Institutions in New Zealand!

Those who have the perception that the US, UK and Australia make the best study destinations, let me remind you that there is New Zealand in the race too. The country provides great education opportunities for students, including overseas students. It caters to almost all requirements of students, when it comes to pursuing subjects and courses. This is what that makes New Zealand one of the most appreciated and recognized study destinations in the world. Now, let’s have a look at some of the top educational institutions there:

  • University of Auckland: This one is often touted as the best educational institution in the Kiwi land. The university offers a number of faculties- Education, Arts, School of Business, Engineering, Law, Medical and Health Sciences, Theology, National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries are a few to name. Aspiring students are needed to clear the entrance test, as well as English proficiency test in order to be able to get into the university. Besides, the students are given admission on the basis of marks.
  • University of Waikato: A few faculties of this university include, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; School of Education; School of Maori and Pacific Development; and Waikato Management School. Students are being qualified to study in this university on the basis of marks and language skill in English.
  • University of Otago: This educational institution offers a wide variety of courses, ranging from Business to Health Sciences; from Humanities to Sciences. Apart from having a good academic background, aspiring students should have good proficiency in English language.
  • Massey University: Under this university, there are colleges on Creative Arts; Humanities and Social Sciences; Business; and Sciences. Some of the well-known departments include Journalism, Aviation, Food and Nutrition, Marketing, Psychology, Design, Defense, Fine Arts, Language Studies and much more. Like many other universities, the admissions are based on English language proficiency and entrance test.
  • The Victoria University of Wellington: This famous university offers an array of courses. Overseas students are required to qualify the entrance test, along with English language test- IELTS or TOEFL, whichever is applicable in order to get into any course.
  • University of Canterbury: This University offers almost every course in all educational aspects. Admissions are based on marks in entrance test, English language proficiency, as well as academic performance in high school.
  • Lincoln University: Aspiring students must have good command over English skill to be qualified to study in this university. Courses offered by this leading university include Bio-Chemistry; Business Management; Information Technology; Accounting; Communication; Animal Sciences; Engineering; Tourism; Ecology; Law; Environment Studies; Micro-Biology and many more.
  • Manukau Institute of Technology: Here courses are offered in departments, such as Nursing and Health Sciences; Business; Consumer Services; Education and Social Sciences; Logistics; Engineering; Visual Arts and more.
  • AUT University: This university with courses in Engineering; Education; Creative Technologies; Communication; Sports and Recreation; Law; Computing and Mathematical Sciences and more caters students from across the globe. Aspirants should have proficiency in English language, apart from meeting academic standards in order to get admission into this university.

These are some of the leading educational institutions in New Zealand. Most of them offer most advanced courses in almost every subject. However, these institutions are known to set higher standards when it comes to English language skill. Thus, apart from having a good academic background, you may need to work on your ability in the said language!

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