Booming Economy of Hong Kong behind Widespread Popularity of Hong Kong Immigration

Hong Kong is world-famous for its towering skylines and natural harbor. It is one of the most populated areas in the world. Formally known as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, it is ranked as the third most important international financial centre in the world.

In spite being the most populated nation, it has a capitalist service oriented economy followed by free trade and low taxation, even as the national currency is the 8th widely traded currency in the world. Globally, as per the ‘Index of Economic Freedom’, since the inception of the Index in 1995, the nation has the highest level of economic freedom. Its low taxation economy is governed under the positive non-interventionism, and is dependent on international trade and finance.

The densely populated country has maintained one of the most impressive per capita incomes across the globe, and high international rankings in financial and economic competitiveness, and also a high Human Development Index (HDI). In terms of attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), the nation has one of the most attractive business environments in East Asia. And, since 1995–as per the Index of Economic Freedom–every year, the country has maintained a highly developed capitalist economy, ranked the freest in the world.

With globalization, the trend of immigration has increased extensively. Many people, in search of better livelihood, have started immigrating to developed nations and Hong Kong, as it too well known, is one such nation. It is hardly surprising that the ‘Nation of Natural Harbor’, Hong Kong, has a highly developed Economy. As a result, the immigration level to the destination is fairly high.

Highly trained professionals–such as researchers, engineers, business personals, and managers–are among the many qualified experts who have preferred to immigrate to the country. Thanks to the immigration process, the country has benefited the most. Such immigrants do not only bring new capital to the nation, but also innovative ideas and economic prosperity along with intellectual brainpower. Undoubtedly, the overseas destination has benefited from this process but so have the migrants.

Robust economy of Hong Kong is the main attraction even as it has successfully motivated lakhs of people to think about Hong Kong Immigration. Apart from its powerful economy, the country has several other draws also that inspire the highly skilled educated skilled specialists to come and live on its soils. Rewarding employment opportunities, lucrative and competitive packages, low taxation rate, relatively simple and transparent visa application procedures…these are just some such attractions.

The hot immigration destination is under the control of China. It has its own immigration system though. People arriving in the nation directly may not have to obtain a visa beforehand, but it is mandatory to get an entry pass to the mainland China from the Hong Kong side.  Immigration to Hong Kong is possible through various ways. The process is quite easy and transparent. For all-inclusive guidance and proper assistance, it is advisable to take help of a professional immigration expert though.

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