Breaking News: Australia Wants Qualified ICT Trainers 223211

Qualified ICT Trainers 223211

Everyone, who is skilled and holds the right work experience and education background, is welcome to immigrate to the land down under, and secure their future and standard of living. A country with the population of more than 20 million people, Australia still offers huge potentials to the foreign residents who can contribute to the growing economy and rapid pace of development in various industries.

ICT Trainers
ICT Trainers

Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland…these are some wonderful options to live and work without any restrictions, and any skilled worker would not miss a chance to live this dream. Considered amongst one of the most preferred and ‘luckiest’ destinations for immigrants, Oz has now started welcoming skilled professionals owing to the short-term and long-term skill shortage in the country.

If you are an ICT Trainer wanting to move to greener pastures and enjoy better career opportunities, you are in for a surprise! As per the latest Skilled Occupation List (SOL) by the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), there is a current demand for the trained ICT Trainers who have a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree with at least five years of relevant work experience to go along with.

It means you have the necessary skills, you must submit your Expression of Interest (SOL), for Australia Immigration, without any delay. Your in-demand skills will help you get a visa with ease and minus any delays.

Additionally, if you are applying for the occupation of 223211 ICT Trainer you must be proficient in English language and obtain a license and on-the-job training, if cited by your employer in Australia.

Job Duties

Now let’s talk about the job duties and responsibilities of a skilled professional who is planning to immigrate to Australia with the 223211 ICT Trainer occupation profile. As a professional, you will be primarily responsible for planning, conducting and instructing of technology programs for the exchange of information or communication between users and computers.

Apart from this, you will be required to analyse, construe and present information based on web networks and systems. For all of this and more, you can easily earn an average annual salary of 75, 000 Australian Dollars, to begin with. Isn’t that wonderful?

Not only a skilled immigration will allow you to live and work freely in Down Under but also apply for Permanent Residence Visa (PRV), in the later stages of your professional stay in the country.

So, make the most of the new Australian Work Visas which can get your closer to your dream destination. They are – Subclass 403 visa, Subclass 407 visa and Subclass 408 visa. Basically, the aim of Oz is to simplify the existing skilled migration process and ease out the influx of skilled workers by the different Australian employers and government organizations.

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