Britain Topmost EU Attraction for Immigrants, Claims Study

In a significant development, the findings of a recently concluded European Union (EU) research show that Britain has emerged as the top attraction for the migrants in the EU even as it has left behind the countries of Spain & Germany as the most preferred hubs for the world-migrants keen to seek shelter in the region.

According to the available numbers, close to 590,950 migrants turned-up on the soils of the UK during 2010, and this is nearly twice the number of the immigrants choosing to shift to France. While the total number of the immigrant arrival in Spain was 465,000, the number stood at 458,000 migrants for Italy, and 404,100 for Germany.

But, it was Britain which occupied the top position with the impressive numbers of 590,950 during the said year. Further, these four nations–Spain, the UK, Italy and Germany– took nearly 60% of the total of immigrants arriving to the 27 country EU. Furthermore, Britain also offered citizenship to more overseas people as compared to any other EU nation during 2010.

Large-scale immigration behind overburdened public & social services

The findings of the research are not really surprising for the London inhabitants, and those residing in others areas of the nation–the reason being they are actually not new to the awesome levels of immigration made to the nation. The bad news, however, is that–thanks to the growingly high level of overseas movement made to the UK–the country is finding it difficult to duly manage the increased and improved demand for more accommodation, public services, besides health services.

Britain is moving towards disorder and bedlam even as the responsibility for the same ought to be strictly put at the rather faulty and the ill-baked immigration plans of the ex UK administration, led by the Labour Party, alleges a well-known critic.

Making matters worse is the fact that economic migrants hailing from Bulgaria & Romania are likely to shift towards Britain during the next year, in 2014, when both these countries become matured members of the EU. After both the said nations pocket the prized EU membership, they won’t be governed by the restrictions put on the movement of the low-trained foreigners. Despite the fact that the attempts are being made by London to improve the situation on this front–and bring the levels of the UK immigration well under control–the job will not be an easy one, adds the critic.

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