British Citizens Seeking Job Opportunities Overseas!

Although UK might be one of the chosen immigration destinations for people the world over. However, when it comes to the nation’s local citizens, most of them seem to be interested in seeking employment opportunities abroad. This has been suggested by statistics which has been released recently.

As per the statistics compiled by IntaPeople which is a recruitment company, online searches in UK saw an increase for overseas employment opportunities by about sixteen percent. This increase only caters to the third quarter of this year. Among the searches, the most popular choice was immigration to Australia. This was followed by Dubai and Canada which again seemed to be the favorite destinations for immigration.

According to Stephen Riley, Director of IntaPeople, the main reason for immigration has been remunerative offers pertaining to employment along with warmer climatic considerations. Skilled professionals from UK are being attracted towards competitive income levels overseas. Most of these packages offered are completely free of tax. They also offer costs pertaining to relocation along with top class health care facilities. These offers are definitely alluring for the British professionals, especially when these jobs are based in a nation where the climate is moderate.

The figures brought out were completely based on searches for opportunities for work overseas for each quarter of 2010. The present increase in the job searches was compared to the previous quarter.

On the other hand, UK is all set to implement a permanent cap on immigration which has become a cause of worry among the leading businesses in UK and academicians. Reducing the number of immigrants from the non-EU nations along with current status of the local people seeking jobs overseas, the situation does not seem to be in the favor of the nation. Above all, the current trend has to be observed to see what the outcome with a constraint of the number of people moving in and more of the local people moving out.

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